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vishal nayi 15-12-2015

Kathy 02-10-2008

I never knew you. I just read what had happend and that brakes my heart. I cant imagine a child so young to go through that. Im a mother of 4 and my children always come first. Your are truly missed but in better hands princess. You will always be in my heart. You are safe now! !

Anonymous 28-09-2008

I feel truly sorry for your lots

Karen 27-09-2008

May God Bless and Keep Zoe, and may he also give all who love her, the grace to get past this. Rest in Peace, angel Zoe.

stevie t 15-05-2008

Zoe i remember when sam u and i went to the park and we would push you one the swings and we would jump as far as we could... i love you and miss u soo much Zoe

deb 23-03-2008

Zoe you are so beautiful.... and I can't believe something like this could happen to an innocent little person... rest in peace sweet angel

sandra seagraves 22-03-2008

She is a beautiful little girl. She is in a wonderful place now. May God be with your family. From another grieving Mother

Anonymous 10-03-2008

So sad, rest in peace.

MK Gramma 05-03-2008

Zoe used to love to swing, and she always wanted me to push her as high as I could. She also loved riding her bike, and I was so surpised to see that she rode extremely well at the age of 5. I love her and will miss her very much. Love, Grandma

Anonymous 03-03-2008

I never met Zoe. I read about her story and it changed my life in a way that I have committed to sharing her story with as many youth as I can reach through our Media Violence Education Project at Strategies Against Violence Everywhere in Cols, OH. I have carried her story with me and share it with kids regarding the effects of violent media images and alcohol. It is my hope that Zoe's life will not have been in vain if it provokes change in the lives of others.

Anonymous 28-02-2008

I remember how Zoe could put anyone in a good mood. She would always laugh and play. She would make anybody smile at any time of the day. She would love to play hide and go seek alot and I hope she may rest in piece.

Anonymous 27-02-2008

I remember when Zoe used to make me smile all the time. I love her because I am her brother

Anonymous 25-02-2008

It seems impossible that your sweet little face will not be seen any more at school, along the streets as we drive by. Your friends miss you terribly, and think of you often. You are missed and loved by those who knew you. As the parent of your little friends it has been hard to explain why this happened to you to the girls. I can only tell them that the world is not a fair place, and that all life must be treasured. Every moment you have with someone is special, because tomorrow that person may be gone. I hope that your friends and family will find peace. I have no doubt that you are an angel watching over those you loved.

Anonymous 19-02-2008

Happy Valentine's Day Zoe.

Anonymous 12-02-2008

I'm so sorry this happened to you, little sweetsie girl. No one will ever hurt you again and you'll be surrounded by love in Heaven through all eternity.

Anonymous 01-02-2008

I dont know this beautiful little girl but I cry every time I think of what you went through. You are now dancing with Jesus rest in peace angel Zoe. God bless your family and keep them until HE the great I am returns.Love in Christ Vickie Littleton Colo. mother of two daughters grandmother of two girls

Anonymous 17-01-2008

I have a daughter your age and when I came home from work I held her for probably an hour and a half and just thought of you. If only you had someone to protect you. So young...So innocent.! 7 years on this earth is not long enough to understand too many things. I am 30 and I still don't understand it all. At 7 you feel like you have to please everyone and let them know how much you know and how big you are. It is hard when you don't have the right guidance to know that you don't always have to please everyone. You should have had protection. You were only a child!!!!! I saw your picture and you were a very pretty little girl. I am sure you had a smile on your face wherever you went and you probably put a smile in many hearts. I never knew you, in fact I just happened upon this story today on the computer, BUT I will remember you always because you are my daughters age. Your story is a tragedy! The Lord needed you in Heaven and you will serve as a special angel for the Lord to keep a special place in the hearts of many and remind them just how precious and impressionable little children are. May you always look down and smile knowing you are thought of by so many. May you rest in the arms of the Lord.

Anonymous 16-01-2008

I miss and love you so much baby. You will always be in my heart. I still have the purse you gave me and Ill keep it and cherish it forvever. Im sorry that I wasnt there to help you.rest in peace love. LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER

Anonymous 14-01-2008

Zoe, you are in a very safe place now, things such as this will never ever happen to you again. You are living with God and the rest of the angels above, rest well little lady.

Anonymous 13-01-2008

I miss Zoe because she was in my grade at the same school as me.

Anonymous 11-01-2008

Rest In peace Zoe. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. You are a beautiful young girl and I pray for your family.

Anonymous 09-01-2008

Rest in Peace Zoe... I hope that "friends" will be wasted in jail...

Anonymous 30-12-2007

Zoe i will always think of you.

Anonymous 28-12-2007

Even though I never got to know you, I know you were an Angel and God took you with him because he needed you now, your family should remember always the joy you gave them when you were here.We'll miss you so much and every time I get to see your sister I will be thinking that there's a little piece of you in her and hug her like the way a child should be huged and loved. Rest in Peace and God Bless The Garcia Family.

Anonymous 23-12-2007

God Bless you new little Angel... I'm sorry. I will forever remember you in thoughts and prayer. . .