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Greta Creech 18-02-2013

Vicki, if you're reading this from wherever you are, know that I never forgot the little girl with a lisp who climbed out onto that tarmac in Houston. You did more in 26 years than most people do in their entire lives. In peace.

AC 20-10-2012

I never got the pleasure of meeting her. I remember reading about her in school (meadville). Its so sad. I bet she was an amazing women. She will never be forgotten.

Marco Rodríguez 18-03-2010

I´ve just finished reading Vicki´s book. She became an inspiration for me, because I always wanted to be a pilot. I think it´s crazy to do such things (flying across the country and from the US. to Europe) at that age, but she did it! I didn´t know about her accomplishments in the 90´s till the end of 2009, because I was a kid at the time and, because I´m peruvian. The time doesn´t count, because what she did will always be remembered and will be a fount of inspiration and strongness for all generations. We will all die sometime, death is next to us, that´s when the question comes, why do we live? Vicki lived for giving us an example of life. In her short life she showed us more than other people could show us in longer lifes. That´s why I learnt, that what really counts is how intense you live your life and not how long you live it. It makes me happy to know, that Vicki is now resting and that she lives on in the hearts of thousands in the whole world. You reached my heart, too Vicki, maybe you wouldn´t have imagined it Vicki, but you reached a peruvian guy, too and I knew about you in Germany. See you in heaven, Marco A. R. B. - Arequipa-Perú

Corinne Van Meter 16-03-2010

I remember every precious moment with you, Vicki, and I acknowledge your presence in my life still. Thank you for the gifts that you continue to give. You live on. I love you forever. Mom

I met Vicki through mutual friends ~ her flight instructor Curt Arnspiger & another fellow aviation enthusiast Stan Parkins. The last time I saw Vicki, Stan and I had attended a "Pipe Organ" concert in Meadeville with her family. She was driving Stans corvette around (at 13) and I was her passenger! I have a personal video of Vicki, as she traveled about the world... I have a photograph of Vicki that I am looking at now ~ her telling me to, "...give the BIG airports a shot". I am grateful that I had an opportunity to gert to know her ~ if only a little bit! Vicki Van Meter truly was a "Shining Star"!

jessica 15-05-2009

i did a report on her to be honost i never even herd about her until i did the report. l want to say how sorry i am that u guys lost her

Anonymous 19-03-2008

As only a child, Vicki came onto the world scene because she Dared To Dream! The dream being to fly an airplane at such a young age, which she did! She would reach not only the heights in the sky but in life as well and achieve great things for herself. Vicki not only showed the world that you can have a dream, but you can make it come true by hard work and dedication. May You Rest In Peace Vicki Van Meter and May Heaven be Your Eternal Home. Heaven is as high as one can go and I believe that you are safely there. You are Gone but not Forgotten because you are in the Hearts of people around the world! From: Mike Morgan US Army Vietnam Era Veteran Retired

Trisha Sanderson 18-03-2008