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Tesha 12-12-2012

It took me five years to do this *sigh*.....I only knew him for about a month. He was a counselor at my daughters's summer camp program at UVSO. Such a beautiful soul and I never knew all he had done in his short time until his tragic end of life. He was so sweet, complimenting me on my car, asking if one day we could hang out. Which I now regret we hadn't. (of course he was 10 yrs. younger,which was probably why) :-) He took great care of my daughter while she was enrolled in the program until he passed. He was just loving, I could see it in his eyes, you could feel it. I just wish we had more time together so I could have gotten to know him better. I live down street from the school where this senseless act took place and everytime I pass it, I think of him, which is everyday. Just know Mr. T.J. ( thats what the kids called him, so I did too) you are missed and never forgotten. To his sister whom I never met, stay strong which I am hearing you are. Proud of you girl! To his friends who I never gotten the pleasure of meeting either, God knows what he is doing. Guess He felt you three served a better purpose with Him. In that big beautiful playground He has. I didnt get to meet you down here, but we will up there. Until then...........

Dana Oshiro 14-11-2007

Dana Oshiro 14-11-2007

Dana Oshiro 14-11-2007

Anonymous 06-11-2007

I never knew him but it is such a tragedy.You are home now and I know it is beautiful. Look down on your loved ones and everyone who was touched by this tragedy. Hopefully when I arrive home I can get to know you.

Anonymous 13-08-2007

I wanted the family to know God needed His Angel back... I pray that God will continue to give you all the strength you need to heal. Remember prayer is a strong thing and you have a great amount of people praying for you. YOu have your own personal Angel guiding and watching over you. To the Mother... I pray for your body and soul. I pray for your strength and endurance. To the Sister...I pray for a speedy recovery and just remember God is not finshed with you yet!! I pray you will continue to be the beautiful person I am sure you are...... One Love and God Bless

Anonymous 12-08-2007

I attended the funeral of Terrence Aeriel yesterday and am, to this moment, overwhelmed by the senselessness of the tragedy. The truth of God is foolishness to the world, and while we scratch our heads and wonder, contemplate and try to figure out why, we must come to grips with the fact that life and death are God's business. Terrance was gifted to the world for 19 years, and for those years he walked amongst us as proclaimer of God's Holy Word, imploring man, woman, boy and girl to come to know the Lord of All and the Savior of our Souls - Jesus Christ. It is the whole duty of man to walk as TJ did - so that one day, when THIS life is over, we too can hear the Savior say - "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Sleep on servant of God - we who are in HIM will see you in the MORNING.

Anonymous 10-08-2007

My prayers go out to you and your love ones.

Emme Levine 08-08-2007

Such a senseless act of violence to end a promising life - there is now one suspect in the case. I read a newspaper article today about Mr. Aeriel: "Pastor Bobien, listening as Ms. Tucker gave yet another interview, said repeatedly of Mr. Aeriel, who was an ordained minister, 'God could have used that boy.'" Was this a robbery, or random violence? It is an issue that runs deep in that community. Instead of building new police stations, why not community centers and schools? The incidence of violence in inner-city communities will not go away until the root problems are addressed.