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Kim Grindstaff 10-09-2012

I did not know Rachel; however, as of yesterday I wear a silver bracelet with her name, rank, date she was KIA, and her state of WI. I found her name on a bracelet in a group that was available from some friends of mine. I wear it every day and will continue to do so. Please know your daughter is not forgotten, nor will she be as long as I have this bracelet, as I will think of her every day as I wear it. God bless.

Alicia Vasquez 18-05-2011

I never met you Rachael though I remember your face in one of the Laundry mats in Camp Taji, Iraq dedicated to you. I was moved by your face and your story. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice that you and your dear family have made. I pray that you are at peace and watching over us all. May God bless us all. Very Respectfully, Alicia Vasquez

Donna Campbell 24-12-2009

I remember Hugo from basic and AIT she was always smiling and had such a wonderful smile. I will always remeber her.

NJA 02-03-2009

it's sent to rach's family.i support you.it's so sad to lose somone that we love so mush.so be proud."sorry for the grammar"i talk just frensh and arabic

Kermit Hugo 19-01-2009

My wife and I thank you all for your kindness and condolences. My daughter would be humbled and honored! Nancy, God Bless you for honoring Rachael in such a memerable way!

Nancy Castaneda 11-11-2008

Dear Rachael, Unfortunately I never met you. But I am honoring you on this Veterans Day. Today I purchased a hero bracelet with your name. I will wear it always in your honor. Until, Nancy

tyler 04-10-2008

It is a year later and i still miss you rach!!! you are in my thoughs and in my heart. Just know that you are with me every step of the way till we can meet agian. I miss you.

Anonymous 12-04-2008

Rachael, may you be in the loving arms of Jesus. Until the day comes when we're all together, I'll keep you in my prayers. Timothy

Anonymous 25-01-2008

God bless that brave & beautiful young lady ...

Phil Fludplin 19-12-2007

Bless her soul.

Andrew Keith 15-11-2007

Andrew Keith 15-11-2007

Andrew Keith 15-11-2007

Anonymous 01-11-2007

SPC “Combat Barbie” Hugo… What an awesome soldier!!! I too was with the unit that the 303rd replaced. I had the honor of meeting SPC Hugo and will never forget her outlook on life. She served with pride and always motivated everyone around her. MISSION COMPLETE SPC HUGO! JOB WELL DONE!!!

Marie L'Etoile 25-10-2007

Her bravery and sacrifice will always be remembered. My prayers are with the friends and family.

Martha Mihaly 24-10-2007

Bless her and her family.