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Julie C. 29-01-2008

Julie C. 29-01-2008

Julie C. 29-01-2008

Richard Derks 13-07-2007

You were the first wife of flowers and beauty.

Anonymous 13-07-2007

I wrote to Mrs. Johnson quite a few years back to thank her for one contribution, her beautification of America's highways. I was so touched by the beautiful bluebells blooming across country on one driving trip and was then educated to the fact that they were there because of "Ladybird." This beauty remains a good memory.

Andrew Keith 13-07-2007

I'm grateful for all Lady Bird Johnson has done for America, and I know she will be missed but never forgotten

Dan Gould 12-07-2007

It looks like the former first lady on Friday will "lie in repose" at the LBJ Library and Museum in Austin, Texas, where the public can pay respects. A private funeral on Saturday in Austin will be followed on Sunday by private burial at the Johnson family cemetery in Stonewall, Texas.

Anonymous 12-07-2007

I remember how elegant she was on November 22, 1963. I was only ten years old at the time and I remember how she stood by her husband as he addressed the nation. She will be missed.