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K Smith 13-04-2011

Good lord who set this page up? I think you should take it down. It sets a bad example for young people. Glorifying drug use is a bad place to be. Get rid of this site.

mariam 10-06-2010

it's really pity

mariam 10-06-2010

it's so sad to recognize that young people and katy also, are dead. love you all and rest in pease for you katy.

Venuswomen 21-12-2009

You were born on the same year i was born and you left way too soon. I was envied your beauty,the radiance on your face and that ever amazing smile..I was and i still am your huge fan,but it brings tears to me everytime i think of you and how did that "killer" killed you. Katy,will always be your fan now and ever. You were the first model that i've been so much "in love " with..Was so crazy about you and still am..your pictures all over my room and today you are not here..Why? Why you have to go way too soon?

Fiona 06-12-2009

Katy you were stunning, your poor young life taken so early the one thing i want to say is that is you were the most beautiful and genuine girl, i never met you but saw you on tv so many times, rest in peace and thoughts are with your family, no model or woman will ever come close to looking like you, you were fab xxxx

BeautifulPetal 12-01-2009

In Memoriam Mr and Mrs John French Would like to announce the dedication Of our online memorial to our beloved Daughter Katy, Late of Co Wicklow. Launch party will be in Lillies Sat 1st February 8pm Party to be filmed for TV3's autumn schedule

cat 19-10-2008

i never knew who katy french was until i read in the news papers but i also remember seeing her in a few telly campains and other telly and reality show. she was a beautiful young woman who will never be forgotten. rest in peace beautiful angel xx

Electrolux 18-10-2008

I just like the way it smells.

shelly 15-10-2008

Kathy you were better than all the rest and they knew it.(irish models).jealousy is worse than leprocy..you had it all girl...RIPxx

BEATA 06-06-2008

uczmy sie kochac ludzi tak szybko odchodzą a zycie jest takie krótkie.....

jcb 05-06-2008

Drugs kills people n Katy should have known that, I do feel sorry for her family. To think Katy could be silly n take drugs in the first place. She had everything to live for so why need the buzz??? For her to give an interview b4 she died saying she would never take drugs again make her look like a lair. Altho i dnt no the girl she has put people tru so must pain. Her mother/father n her sister Gill. All for what????????? What annoys me is these people are mean't to take drugs for the "buzz" but Katy was going to bed when she took them so what "buzz" was she getting??? I think she was slowly but surely starting to rely on the drug. Please note i have no problem with katy n respected her as a irish role model n was very upset by her death but after awhile these thoughts go into your head about her.

laura 31-05-2008

any 1 dat has any negative ta say bout katy will ya do every 1 a favour tat loved er so dearly keep of this memory page and keep your shitty comments and opinions to urselfs cuz trust me no one on this page wants to hear it .............................................................................................................................................................................love you katy de worlds most beautiful woman..............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maeve 29-05-2008


Karen 28-05-2008

Katy Still miss you dearly and think of you often. I visit you regularly but miss your smiling face and caring nature. Hope you are looking down and protecting us all. Miss you x

Aurelia Kilich 26-05-2008

ihope what happened to katie will make younghters of today think about what effect drugs have on them and their familys i hope katys in a better place may god keep her save in his arms and be with her family through there sorrow may she rest in peace

Deborah 05-05-2008

RIP katy, i didnt no you hun,but you were a cracker of a girl, you touched my heart and i no ur smiling down on ur family and friends, god bless u katyxxxxxxxxxx

Becky 28-04-2008

I think the fact so many people have wrote on this wall - including the hords of losers who come on calling and mocking her even though she is dead is testiment to Katy's ever lasting presence. A fanastic, witty character. Still thinking of you katy, wherever you are.. xxxxxx

Anonymous 13-04-2008

when we lost touch i always thought there would be more time ya know? but it ran out, mind u i kept track of you in the papers. my biggest memory is the time we went to howth. remember??? my ma flipped and janet had to drive out with my ma to bring us back to bray... or the time we drank your mas wine and hid the bottle in the bushes outside your house in enniskerry. remember that? or silly little things like your white halter neck top?? we used to argue over who got to wear it. i have so many silly little memorys of you but only one regret that we never got in touch. i know jill probably wont remember me but your mum might and i jus want to tell them how sorry i am. ill miss you always chicken xxx

Anonymous 13-04-2008

hey bbz miss u sooo mch x love u x x

Anonymous 13-04-2008

katy.missing you lots wud have love to have b n your mate .we wud have lots of laughsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsleep angelxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous 12-04-2008

every day huni wen i cum on ma computer 1st tng i do is go on this luvly page to view it nd c ur beauty miss u mre n mre everyday x x love you x x x x x

Anonymous 11-04-2008

love you bbz x x x x x x miss u x x x x x x

Anonymous 08-04-2008

A few months hav passed nw since dis beautiful woman was takin away, and still the whole nation still miss her presence and that wonderful smile she had, she was so down to earth that no one will every foget her xxxxxxxx

Anonymous 08-04-2008

katy u ave got to be the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world no 1 compares 2u ur truly a stunner u wre so down to earth on your documentry towards any oda model now a days a pack of bitches hu tink der it!! wen reali de only model has gone 2 heaven x x x x you wil neva be 4gotten love always laura x x x x x x x x i leaving an angel as this icon cuz tat wat u r !! x x x x x