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My memory of Jake was his smile. I knew him though middle school and some of high school. He made you smile no matter what was wrong. And that smile was so contagious you just couldn't help but smile with him. God bless Jake's family.

Courtney 15-07-2009

I am one of Jake's cousins in colorado. I remember when his family would come visit we would play house and many other child games, I always remembered his contagious smile. The only thing I regret is leaving the last family reunion early and not getting to see him one last time. The day I found out about his death I searched for photos of him and I found him smiling into the camera. I just understand how hard this must have been for his family. To loose two children (Jake and his sister Anne,as well as her daughter) must be uncomprehensable. With all the sadness it is nice to know that he touched so many people. I love you Jake and you will be misses! Courtney B.

Heavens' Answer 18-11-2008

I really feel bad for everyone involved with this story. I used to live out in Colorado. It is a very beautiful State. It is sad, very much so. Im writing in regards to the News Article, A missing man, A Husband, A father... The family Dog. For 6 long weeks this man has been missing... And the only thing here to write about is the family dog... No background as to why the disappearence...? No leading questions, or build up to the "gone missing" date. It just doesn't happen out of clear day. There is an emotional downward decline prior to something like this occuring. I would tend to believe that a person who was going a 100 miles away to do this... Would not disappear with the family dog. To make a long story short, This News Article ends with the statement that the little boy was "very close to that dog" and happy to see her again. This is how they end the article..? "very close to "That Dog"? not even the justification of mentioning the "that dogs" name. ??? and I wonder y I can't sleep at night.

SDB 12-11-2008

SDB 12-11-2008

SDB 12-11-2008

SDB 11-11-2008

Everyday I look at this his little boy and each day I see my Jake in him more and more....Even though he is gone for awhile I know thanks to his family and a small number of his very close friends he will never be forgotten... No matter how many days pass it has not gotten easier..We both really miss him so much...

SAL 11-11-2008

SAL 11-11-2008

Queeva 07-10-2008

I am so sorry for your loss and believe that you will know Jake is okay when the breeze touches your cheek. I am sorry Jake felt he had to make the choice, but know that it was not that he did not love you. This I believe with all my heart.

SDB 01-10-2008

SDB 24-09-2008

He had such a beautiful smile...i will miss him always and forever......

Johne 11-09-2008

Suicide is often committed by someone with a mental illness. Just shut up.

Johne 11-09-2008

Suicide is often committed by someone with a mental illness. Just shut up.

Kendra 30-08-2008

I met Jake about a month prior to this happening, he was a great man who bragged constantly about the love he had for both Lane and Cash . I hope he has found peace and his family has found closure. My prayers go out to his family and friends

Angela 20-08-2008

As I was reading this story, it touched me, as i lost a high school sweetheart to suicide. I am sorry for the loss to this family, and I wanted to share with your readers something I learned from my experience...Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problems...please, anybody, if you are having a hard time, get some help, there is someone that loves you, and don't forget, this is a loss of faith...God is always there. As long as you do what is right in your heart , your part, God will always do his part, he promises everlasting love. He has yet to disappoint, and I have many times had to apologize to Him for doubting. God bless you. Angela in Phoenix, Arizona

miss u 15-08-2008

I meet Jake when he was 3 and I was 5 he was like a BROTHER I will miss him so much

Carrie 14-08-2008

I didn't know the family or Jake, but came across the article with the headline "most couragous pets". I feel incredible sorry for the 2 year old boy. The pain he is going to deal with growing up. Thank goodness they found his body and have closure. May Jake rest in peace and may his son grow up to understand that this has nothing to do with him....

Rachel Tilley 14-08-2008

This story really touched me. I'm saddended by the loss of what sounds like a great man. And being such an animal lover, I fell in love with Cash when I heard of her heroic deeds. RIP Jake and God Bless Cash and the Baysinger Family/Friends. I wish you all the best and hope you find comfort and closure during this difficult time! Rachel Tilley

Miss Jan 13-08-2008

Very sad for his family but one of amazing animal devotion. I don't get something though. It says he died Jul 28, 2008. That was only 16 days ago, not 6 weeks ago. Did I miss something in the story?

Haley5 13-08-2008

I have a dog myself. I know he will always be by my side. RIP Jake.

Betsy 13-08-2008