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Anonymous 09-09-2014

I became aware about Diaspora maybe 2-3 years ago. Today I just saw and thought to check it out again, and saw that you were no longer there. It is strange that for a complete stranger I feel grieve. Perhaps, it was your noble idea or smile which makes me feel this way. I think you lived your life remarkably and I hope your idea would come to be true one day. I pray that your soul rests in piece.

Florencia 06-03-2012

Pase lo que pase jamás van a apagar nuestro Fuego Revolucionario! Gracias Ilya por tu visión, tu liberación, tu revolución! Una gran inspiración que no se apaga, se expande! Y ahora a seguir trabajando por un mundo mejor...

Denise Neal 30-11-2011

We send our condolences.....it's always sad to see brilliance gone too soon but thank you for your pioneering work for which you will always be remembered =( http://static.respectance.com/m1/memories/ba1m3odep15e8x_s.png

niftyness 27-11-2011

A true friend.

Sarah DuBois 22-11-2011

young men- don't let your inner dragons slay you. of something doesn't seem to be working out, that's just God's way of saying he has something better for you.

shamal 20-11-2011

Usually I don't cry for the loss of someone I do not know directly. But this time I did. Because of his young age maybe, and because the great work done on building Diaspora. When someone working for the community (above all, a community of mostly unknown people) flies away, I feel respect and gratitude, and a sharp soul pain. Thanks Ilya, your parents will be proud of you.

Pablushka 17-11-2011

Thank you for your ideals Ilya Zhitomirskiy. Many of us feel motivated by your work and your spirit to make a freer, more just, and better world. Your message has traveled far in the distance, and deep in our hearts. Diaspora* will be your legacy, our legacy to future generations.

Magdalena 17-11-2011

May you rest in peace, Ilya. My deepest sympathies to Ilya's family.

gioconda 17-11-2011

You had soul

Conny 16-11-2011

in heaven, brother!

Ibrahim Abdulgadir 16-11-2011

Dear Illy, it is very unfortunate that you passed away before the world has learnt alot from your talent. We expected more sociable works out of you. We shall really miss u. Ibrahim Abdulgadir Abdalla Lado

Shackra 16-11-2011

He was a freedom fighter. thanks for work in a free software project, Ilya!

Dan Cote 16-11-2011

Ilya was the kind of person who would brighten your day just by being around. He was very dedicated to his work. Along with his co-founders, He was creating something great and sharing it with the world in a free and open way. He earned my highest level of respect. I am lucky to have been his friend.

Mint 15-11-2011

I only joined Diaspora about a week ago, I had been enjoying the site. I am so sorry to hear this news.

Ilya 15-11-2011

Debbie 15-11-2011

I had never heard of Diaspora until today while reading about this young mans passing. This is so sad....he had such dreams and aspirations. My prayers go out to his family and many friends and may he rest in peace.

J salt 15-11-2011

To the parents, family, and friends: My family sends their heartfelt love and prayers to you. Their is always a pain that goes with losing a loved one, but when one loses a child at such a young age it can be so unsettling My family send love to you, and ask God to ease your pain.

Rondu Reid 15-11-2011

Unfortunately I never got a chance to meet him but he and team Diaspora inspired me to start my own tech company and every goal my company achieve will be a sign of admiration for Ilya and team Diaspora my prayers are with his family and friends .

Emily 15-11-2011

Ilya, you were always up for adventure and looking at things in a new way. You used to sit in my living room and passionately describe hacker culture and your visions of freedom. You said we were alike because we both made things and you were so sure you could do anything that you inspired me. Now that you're gone I keep thinking you'll show up at a pool party or call everyone in your phone on New Years. I keep hoping I'll hear you laugh again.

Ale 15-11-2011

My deepest sympathies to this young man's parents and family. I wish to extend my gratitude to him and his friends for the great good they've done, and I admire their vision and courage.

I didn't know much about you..then,when i open the yahoo website..I've so shocked when I see the news..Thank you very much for being the one who created the software open source.. we love you so much.. <3

Jac 15-11-2011

I did not know you other than by your pictures and your achievements but I know you did so much for others in your short life and that you had so much more yet to give. You will be missed by many and will never be forgotten and your legacy will live on in their hearts and memories forever. My heart goes out to your family and friends and I wish them peace at this sad time. Rest in Peace Illya, God will look after you now xxxxx

butitjustis 15-11-2011

I didn’t know you well at all, but I remember the glint you always had in your eye when i talked to you. i looked at you and thought, this person is different from everybody else. there’s something behind his eyes, there’s something in his mind, that is extraordinary. i remember when you came down to our room and we talked for an hour about the things you were passionate about: people’s privacy, the future, the way we lived our life. at the age of 20 your intelligence and passion already soared above us all— I wish then that I hadn’t been too young to appreciate the things you said. some people thought you were annoying, but you proved them wrong. you went and you did something: you stood out among all the over-ambitious sternies/ pretentious cas students at nyu: an unassuming russian transfer student from courant who- who would’ve thought? actually had the power to change the world. remember those “brain machines” you would build? you said they would make us hallucinate and take us to different places as you secured them on our heads those nights after our drunken college-party rounds of kings. I wish I could build something like that to bring you back, because you were too young, too brilliant, to die. but, of course, i can’t. that kind of talent is yours and yours only. rest in peace ilya.

sweetserenity 15-11-2011

I haven't spoken to Ilya in about 2 years, and I really only knew him for one 6 or 7 months when I used to live next door to him. He as the kind of person you could never ignore -- he was always happy, always had too many ideas than he knew what to do with, and was just so strangely different and optimisitic that you couldn't help but smile when you listened to him talk about things he was passionate about, which was just about everything. He used to come over and we'd give him haircuts and he'd bring me breakfast when he cooked too much. I am so sad to hear about this and know that the world didn't just lose a smart, talented guy but a good soul too. RIP Ilya.

David Stahlworth 15-11-2011

You can see so clearly the burning intelligence and kindness of this young man in his eyes. Let's hope that his legacy will be the liberation of mankind from the tyranny of corporate-controlled and privacy-evading social networking sites. Thank you, IIya, for your contributions to the world, and sorry you had to leave much too soon.