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Deb Miles
13 years ago

I was in the office next door to George at MMB. When ever he wanted to see me he would knock on the wall with 3 sharpe raps. I used to tease him about it all the time but he wouldnt stop doing it until I started going into his office every time he bumped the wall. We used to laugh about it a lot when we moved to Sparke Helmore as he was in an office around the corner next to the utiltiies room. I told him not to knock on the wall in there or the photocopier would come in to see him. One of life's true gentlemen and a gentle man too. I will miss you George.

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13 years ago

I remember fondly the good old days in the Property Dept at MMB/Acuiti. George, you were a lovely man and so much fun to work with! You will be sorely missed by all of your family, friends and colleagues.

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