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Anonymous 25-08-2016


Although I didn't personally know the victims, I felt connected to them because I graduated Delaware state University in 1992 and I live not too far from where the crime occurred. But all the love that came and surrounded the families during that time showed they were wonderful kids and the fact that they even wanted to attend college showed they had big dreams...My hearts go out to all their family and friends

Tanishia Terry 18-02-2012

My Shoni I miss and love you soooooo much I can't believe you have been gone for almost five years I cant even begin to recall the many silly memories we have shared. Lol I am sI happy I chose to attend Delaware state to be graced with your presence you were one of a kind and a beautiful person both inside and out. This year you would've been 25 and in just a few days I know you are going to have the best Party ever I just wish I could b in attendance I lOve you soo much and taylor DASHON is growing to be a beautiful little person and she loves you tooo rest in paradise baby i love you

Tamara Sochia 17-01-2012

even though I didnt know any of them I send my condolences to the familes im so sorry for your loss that these horrible people have done may god be with you through this tough time..

Theresa Wilkes 24-05-2011

My heart goes out to all the families of this tragedy...I cry a tear often thinking about you guys and the pain of your families for losing you all this way. I was born in Newark and as soon as I turned 15, my mom moved us to North Carolina, even though violence is everywhere, I can't help but wonder where I would be if I were still there. Afraid I can tell you that.... when I visit again I will be sure to come by and pay my respect to your memorial. Always in my heart and in my prayers. Never to be forgotten.

tylice 09-04-2010

i remember first walking into my 3rd highschool in 3 years, and as i remember so clearly, i sat next to Dashon, and it will be something i never forget, me and him would crack jokes that first day just going back and fourth! and i would neva forget you man, your bday is a day b4 mines, you shall always be remembered by me..

Chrissy 08-06-2009

I never met you, yet staring into your eyes leaves me with a feeling of loss, of you life as well as your friends. My 14 year old brother was gunned down in 2005, so I can only imagine how you, the family must feel. However know that these young kids lives had purpose. Please use this unfortunate event as a tool to educate our youth, God knows they need help. I feel tears welling in my eyes, but when I cry for this young man, I will cry also for all of your youth that have left this world in a way that leaves us behind feeling cheated. Please pray, and may your loved one rest high on a mountain with the Savior as his companion.

tracy 20-07-2008

rest in peace dashon I dont know you personally but i know you are a great guy. iwould have love to feel the energy you spreaded around. I feel a connection to you and I pray the lord will seek justice for all involve. keep shining keep smiling much love

tracy 20-07-2008

rest in peace dashon I dont know you personally but i know you are a great guy. iwould have love to feel the energy you spreaded around. I feel a connection to you and I pray the lord will seek justice for all involve. keep shining keep smiling much love

Anonymous 01-02-2008

At peace. No worries, Dashon. We are one.

Anonymous 14-09-2007

Hi all. Dashon, aka "Shawny" was my cousin. We had just came back from a cruise two weeks prior to this tragedy. It's hard to believe he is gone due to this senseless act of violence. But Shawny was a wonderful person and enjoyed life to the fullest. We had so much fun together on the cruise. Matter of fact that was the last time I saw him, leaving the airport. Even though he is gone I will always have those wonderful memories from our cruise. He surely didn't deserve this to happen to him. But to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughts.

Anonymous 30-08-2007

You were someone special on this earth I know that you had to go but I wish in not such a brutal way. You will never be forgotten as tha loving person you were. I wish your family my best wishes and love. I will keep you in ma heart may u REST N PEACE

Anonymous 28-08-2007

I didn't know this young man personally but I knew him because he came in the bookstore frequently. Such a fun and loving spirit. He resembles my nephew who is the same age whose name is Jaeron (JAE). So I told him because he looked like Jaeron, that's what I'd call him. He laughed and said okay. Everytime he came in the bookstore or if I'd see him in the student center, I'd yell out, "Hey Jae" and he'd laugh and with a huge smile he'd respond "Hey"... Dashon, you're smile, style, and fun personality will truly be missed.

Anonymous 18-08-2007

Of course like many others I became aware of Dashon through CNN or Media. CNN mentioned his myspace page and I thought I wonder if I can view it. So the search lead me to Dashons myspace profile. And day in and day out you hear about tragedies and someone losing a loved one but they are just words to the ppl that are not able to feel the actual lost. But looking at Dashon's page gave his situation a face...you were able to tell what kind of person he was and the fact that it could have easily been myself or a close friend. He seemed like such a bright light and a blessing to all who knew him. I noticed he had logged on the same day that he was taken away and it just made me look and feel completely different about the situation. Although you may not know me I pray for Dashon's family and friends just as if we knew each other. I could never imagine losing a loved one. Dashon's passing is not only a lost to his friends and family..but a loss to all bc this young man's personality and abilities could have had a major impact on things unknown. God bless!