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RITA DE CASSIA 02-11-2010

RITA DE CASSIA 02-11-2010

RITA DE CASSIA 02-11-2010

RITA DE CASSIA 02-11-2010

RITA DE CASSIA 02-11-2010

Pam Sites 28-08-2010

Today they will dedicate a memorial to Dan in his home town. I can not attend but will be with all the Danfans in spirit. Thanks for everything Dan

Lori 26-03-2010

I joined my husband in San Antonio in the early 90's while he was on a business trip. Acroos the street from our hotel was the beautiful Majestic theatre. Dan Folgelberg's name was on the marquee. Twin Sons of Different Mothers is one of my favorite albums of all. What an unexpected treat to hear Dan sing some of my favorite songs in such a beautiful intimate setting.

John Segrest 25-03-2010

I am 56 born on 13 of Aug I still have my guitar and his music. But I miss my friend.

Bev Clay-Rothgeb 11-03-2010

I have been in love with Daniel's music from the first time I heard him sing. I have every album and CD and I treasure them with all my heart. I always felt we were kindred souls as we have the same birthday. Something small, but I knew every word to all of his songs. Then in 2002 I found out that I had cancer.During all of my chemo sessions, I had Dan's music on my CD player and it soothed the pain and sickness away. I was given a 5-7 year life sentence. I was devastated. I made a "wish" list and at the top of the list was to get to see Dan in concert. My best friend drove me 400 miles, held me up, and took me to our seats. She had promised me that she would get me there if at all possible. As I sat there with tears streaming down my face, I could feel the peace that his beautiful voice was sending through my soul. I was able to get an autograph....never ever thinking that he would go before me. I still listen to his music daily and thank God that I have beat my odds. I owe a lot of this to the strength that he gave me through his music. Rest In Peace Daniel.

Paul Weaver 11-02-2010

We will never forget the ways Dan enriched our lives with his music. He was a master songcrafter with such depth and breadth in his creative expression, touching on so many vinettes of life. I can remember one back in summer 1980 when I was driving in high country toward an approaching storm. I was listening to "Netherlands" when I came around a curve heading down a long hill and saw the distant lightning flashing along with the instrumental passage in the middle of the song. Quite an uplifting experience. That image I carry with me to this day. There are many others too, that Dan has given me through his music over the past 35 years. God bless you, and thanks, Dan!

khawk42 27-01-2010

I've seen the bottom And I've been on top But mostly I've lived in between" My sister wrote this in her senior yearbook. She was 18 and it was 1978. I was 21 and about two years into Dan Fogelberg's music. That was how my family lived. The first four albums were and remain masterpieces. His music became part of the soundtrack of my life at that time and will always be a special part of my rock n' roll soul. Nights as we sang along when were kids, sometimes at the top of our lungs, feeling a part of someone and something so special."Well it looks like you're gonna have to see me again ...ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS! Though I did drift from the later efforts when the hits were made, it was "The Leader of the Band" that I concluded my father's eulogy with in 1994. The words were so appropos and it seemed that Fogelberg's affection for his father were quite in line with my sentiments for my dad.. We were all blessed that he chose to share his talents with us and his music will always follow me wherever I go.

Tom Webster 17-01-2010

I came across Dan's Christmas CD by accident and bought it for my wife as we are both huge Dan fans. From the first time we heard this CD it has been our favorite Christmas CD and we have many of them. Now that he has passed there is a sadness in our hearts as we listen each Holiday and such a beautiful haughtingness in the song, In The Bleak MidWinter. Never again will we see such a talented, versatile musician and singer. We saw him in Chicago in 1992 and cherish that opportunty to see him perform live. God Bless You, Dan! Tom and Faith

kim anderson 16-01-2010

i have been a dan fan for over 30 years. i have every album and cd, i have many favorite songs and never can pick a favorite. he was a very special musician, song writer and man. his love for the causes he wrote many of his songs about. then he is hit by the cancer beast. why he was taken from us to soon is not a fond memory. but what he gave us will never be forgotten. i just listened to jeans interview by fred migliore on fm odessy radio. the love she had for him is obvious in all she said. he is missed by millions but will never be forgotten. he will always be in my heart. i attended every concert when he came to town. i feel like i have known him for years, i wish. his lyrics and music, voice are a beautiful combination. rest in peace and know how much you were loved while you were among us

Olav Haaland 09-01-2010

Discovered much of Dan`s music in early 1980 in young age. Rock and Roll and the onset of Eagles and all of Country Rock. And Netherlands was a special discovery up here in the cold Norwegian weather. With rich harmonies and soft country/classical imaginary that could lift the soul!! Thanks for all of your uplifting givings to Mankind - you`re ONE of a kind! May your soul find the TRUE light!

Howard 22-12-2009

My wife and I will always remember Dan's wonderful concert in Memphis in the 70's ... it was magical and inspiring. And now we cross paths again having lost my father to prostate cancer in 1991 and now I too have had a prostectomy and find myself fighting the fight they both fought. Love, Howard

Kathy 13-12-2009

I believe the year was 1977 when I saw the "Netherlands" album in a local store. I could not recall ever hearing any of Dan's music before but I couldn't help but staring at the album cover. I thought to myself that somehow I knew him. I bought the album on an impulse and that was the beginning of life long "friendship". I've followed Dan's career ever since then. I bought all of his albums and video, saw him twice in concert and read every bit of material about him that I could find. The news of his cancer was a hard blow and the news of his passing was devastating. I feel like a part of me went with him. At least once a month I dream about him and his wife, Jean. All of the dreams have been pleasant except for the last one that I had about a week ago. In the dream Dan was dying and I was so sad. He told me not to worry about him because he would soon be home. He just wanted me to look after Jean. I have a feeling that this was his final goodbye to me and the dreams will stop. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Although we never met, I still feel that we have a spiritual kinship. Goodbye and God keep you my dear, dear friend.

Lauretta 06-12-2009

As Dan never came over to England, I never got the chance to see him live - my love of his music comes entirely from his albums which I have never tired of listening to since 1975 when I first discovered him, with the playing of Crow on the radio. I bought Captured Angel, on the strength of this one track and I was so impressed, I never looked back, except to buy Home Free and Souvenirs. After that, every album he released was soon in my collection, every word, note and song loved and committed to my memory. As a huge Neil Young fan, who thought he could not be rivalled, I was proved wrong - Dan and Neil stand side by side in my mind as true geniuses who have given us some of the most powerful and emotive music of our generation, if not of all time. The news of the release of Love in Time and the Live in Colorado are a combined bonus, especially with his version of Neil's "Birds". I still can't believe Dan is no longer with us but these 2 albums will make him seem closer again. Daniel Fogelberg - you changed my life for the better and I hope you will continue to rest in peace. You are very sadly missed.... Lauretta

Will 30-11-2009

I took my wife-to-be to the one and only Dan Fogelberg concert I ever attended. It was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1984. We got lost on the way, and I had to ask directions. She got mad at me for it, but she recovered and we have been married for 25 years. The music was great, but when Dan started to sing "Leader of the Band" he forgot the words and had to start over. No one cared. We loved Dan and knew he was a man, not the God of music. I miss him still.

Randy Grad 16-11-2009

As a male teenager in high school being a fan of "Dan the Man" wasn't the most popular thing among my peers, but there were tons of closet fans out there. I first saw Dan in concert around 1978 (Netherlands tour,I think) in Phoenix. I really didn't know much about him. It was indoor coliseum concert and just him. I was completely blown away at his talent. I can still see him performing "Sketches" from that show. I saw him once again at an outdoor venue a few years later with a dozen or so friends that became fans over the years. There will always be certain songs that will bring back tons of emotion, memories of good times and bad. For me Dan's music holds a treasure of memories that are relived each time I play his music. God Bless him!

I have many memories of Dan. His song "Stars" has been my all time favorite song since I was 15 (1973)! Having seen him in concert in my teens in Boston, as a bashful young woman trying to navigate growing up and plunking away on my guitar learning the songs from "Home Free" and "Souvenirs", my-not yet-husband falling in love with me while slow dancing in a dark living room lit by the light of a snowy winter's evening to "Same Old Lang Sein" in 1982.... Today, my children know Dan through me. He is terribly missed and my heart goes out to his wife, family and friends, but he left us with the treasure of his legacy.

Laura 20-10-2009

I got to see Dan for the first time when he was doing his Greetings From The West tour and even though it rained and we had thunder and lightning, I'll never forget his presence. His music got me through some of the most trying times in my life and I still smile when I hear it.

Kelley Elser 15-10-2009

My husband Dave & I fell in love to his music in 1978. So many beautiful memories & beautiful music. Dave passed in 2004 from lung cancer at the age of 45. I will forever think of Dave everytime I hear Dan's Music. Thank you Dan for every lyric & note!

Wally 15-10-2009

Has noone written a biography of this great singer/songwriter/musician ?

Eric Costello Smith 11-10-2009

I am a hairy arsed lorry driver, a real mans man and I cry so often over Dan dying. He moved me with his amazing lyrics, beautiful melodies and exquisite guitar work..........Imiss you daily Dan and I am not ashamed to say I cry when I listen to your voice................

A humble and gracious man whose music carried the souls of so many to a beautiful place. A master musician and poet, we thank you for the music, Dan. Peace always.