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Filomena von Zeipel 18-06-2008

Since I was a young girl growing up in Praia - Cape Verde and beein a huge fan of Benfica, I remember listenng on the radio 'relato' of the games in Portugal, and I can clearly to this day remember his name, ' Carlos Alhinho' . He was a fantastic Football player . I loved him because he played at Benfica, the club I do love mest in Portugal, still, and I felt proud because I'm capeverdian like him. As a Football's fans it was a honour to me to meet him in Portugal before he lived to Cape Verde to coach the national football teams of Cape Verde. I met him in S. Vicente for 3 years ago together with my husban and his syster, where we agree to see in Germany with Cape Verde Team participating at The World Cup ( We was joking!!!!!!). He was and is an incredible figure. My condolances to his family. Alhinho, Deus ta dau descanso i paz assim como un canto na gloria e ki bu "Rest in peace and god bless you". Filomena von Zeipel

Correia 02-06-2008