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mbellsblues 27-01-2011

JOE BUCHTA 19-03-2010

JOE BUCHTA 19-03-2010

JOE BUCHTA 19-03-2010

JOE BUCHTA 19-03-2010

JOE BUCHTA 19-03-2010

Paco Simón 15-09-2009

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico were he moved in the mid 90's my family home was directly across the street from his home. I was best friends with his niece Veronica whom i am still searching for. He was a very kind man and introduced me to music and now my life revolves around it. We hung out at his house bobbing our heads till we were called in for the night. He would teach us how to strum a guitar and ask us what we thought of his new material. Thank you Bo you are a great inspiration. Rest in peace friend.

Jacynda 04-03-2009

ok well i nvr met em but im doing a report on em...how did his carerr start??

STAN HOWARD 07-07-2008

Heyyy Bo Diddley... hey Bo Diddley! I read it in the newspaper this morning. That's sad. If you never saw him perform, you missed it. He played down at the old City Auditorium in Columbus one night, and he only had two guys as backups. A pretty good drummer, and a guy standing over at the other mike, shaking the gourds, and adding the "Beep beep!" while Bo played and sang, "I'm a Road Runner." They made more noise than some 5 piece bands I have heard. Why, Bo himself made more noise than ZZ Top, and there are two of them. He broke a string and never missed a beat. Reached in the pocket of his trademark Scotch plaid coat, and pulled another string out, and strung it up with one stroke, zziiiiiinnnngg, keeping the sound going the whole time. He was the master at making it sound like it run off in the distance, and then come back at certain points. That was his sound, and he was original. "It's a Round Square World"... and I am glad I was there. Stan ~ IN PHENIX CITY ALABAMA

DJ Austin 16-06-2008

My family moved to Granada Hills, California in 1972 and bought Bo Diddley's old house at 17541 Minnehaha Street. He'd stop by the old neighborhood when he was in town and talk cars and such with all his old friends in the neighborhood, and everyone was his friend. I was a shy, underconfident teenager and he was very nice to me. He complimented my ability on a unicycle, said nice things about my 1931 Model A truck and gave my little sisters rides around the neighborhood in his shiny, tricked-out baby blue Cadillac hearse. He was not just a great performer but a wonderful, generous, friendly person. I will miss him.

Syd Grevett 14-06-2008

I grew up with you, you were the greatest, very sad day when we lost you. By Syd Grevett Australia

Larry Smith 13-06-2008

I had dinner with Bo some years ago in Toronto before a concert. I had Bo on 1 side of me and Frankie Ford on the other. They started trading jokes and I remember my face was aching from laughing so much. What a great guy.

Akeem 12-06-2008

Akeem 12-06-2008

TERRY 11-06-2008

Jack McIntyre 10-06-2008

I was 14 in 1955 when Bo released "Bo Diddley" and the flip "I'm A Man". I grew up with his music and, yes, he was THE pioneer of rock and roll. I took a lot of flak from my parents and other adults who called his music "jungle music". Well, I've got news for all those skeptics - here it is 53 years later, Bo had gone to his eternal reward and his music lives on. Thank you, Bo for making my teenage years and my life a joy because you filled them with such memories, especially seeing you at the Alan Freed shows at the Brooklyn Fox and the Brooklyn Paramount. Rest in peace, my friend!!

Sonny Bell 10-06-2008

In my opinion, there were two people who did more to bring R&B, or, the blues, to the masses....largely, white audiences......than Jimmy Reed and Bo Diddley. While their styles were different, they clicked with the young & restless white teenagers, as well as the white musicians who took their styles and ran with them....like Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, The Rolling Stones, and many others. They paved the way for artists like B.B. King, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Little Willie John....and the list goes on. It was fittlng that he was one of the first inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The musicians that followed him owe him a debt of gratitude that will be difficult to repay. As we all know, most of these early "pioneer" artists barely made enough money to go from show-to-show. And, while in demand for our entertainment, were subjected to the harsh (putting it mildly) realities of segregation. Yet, for the love of the music, and the love of entertaining, they persevered. Rest in peace, Bo Diddley. You will be missed. Sonny Bell Stafford, VA

eric scott 09-06-2008

i only saw him once and it made me pick up a guitar and i listened to his music and now i'm going somewhere with it and he'll be in a song soon i've been in the music business since i was 11 22 years later we lost a legend his music plays on my shoes were made for walking

Erika Mueggenberg 09-06-2008

I remember when I first found out Bo was going to be our next door neighbor.I had no way of getting my horse across town and he volenteered his trailer.I knew we would be cousins from there on.We would be down at Partin's feed store and I couldn't wait when I saw his truck to see him and talk to him.He always changed your attitude for the better .I will sure miss seeing his alligator foot keychain. I will fondley remember him on his tractor with the dogs behind grating the sand road leading to the house he always had time to stop and talk.I will remember for the rest of my life three weeks before his stroke myself and my 7 and 8 year old just showing up to the house wanting him to tune all three of our guitars.With a smile we talked ,laughed and my dream came true,I sang with Bo Diddley a song that meant alot to me.The kids got to play with him and his beautiful family .All the puppies and animals and the love and joy they always portrayed.We moved to Missouri 8 months ago but our fondest moment of living in Florida for 15 years was our freind Bo.To the kids and grandkids we LOVE YOU and we are sorry for your loss. Thank you for making an impact on our lives Erika Mueggenberg

Virginia Reed 09-06-2008

I grew up with the "Bo" music! It is music that touches your very heart and soul. Bo's music, filled us with love, realities of life, that uplifted our very souls. My friends, Chris Tomasiewicz, Mark Saab, myself and others were thrilled, beyond belief when Bo, came to the Horseshoe Whiskey Roadhouse, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We had 4 front row seats, 3 feet away from the stage in the very center, to hear our favorite Blues legends of all time. It was one of the best shows we heard. He was gracious, and as he says "I love my fans", they keep me going! We saw a change in Bo, for he wasn't feeling well that night, but it was an inner strength, that got him through the most inspirational concert, we experienced. The best part is when Sandy, tossed his drumstick, into the audience, and I caught it! We briefly chatted with Bo and his band, before he left the stage. Then we found out that he was rushed to the hospital. We prayed for his recovery. This gentle man, will be missed, but his music will go on forever! My friends and I will miss him, let the Bo music go on forever! May God Bless Bo's spirit, and watch over him, and May God Bless his family and friends, and comfort them at this time. Virginia Reed reedvj@cox.net

Peter Meredith 09-06-2008

Early 60's in Cardiff. I did an interview with Little Richard and got his autograph, but no one elses. I passed the door where the Rolling Stones were and never gave them a thought. Later on I got into the carriage reserved for "the gang". Duane Eddy was in a locked compartment, so I did not see him, but I got into the compartment that had two of the Shirelles, Little Richard sitting next to me, opposite was Bo, the Duchess and Jerome. I only went from Cardiff to Newport, but that was one of the highlights of my life - they were all so friendly.


He was my first ''crush'' and my introduction to rock n roll. It was always a disappointment that i never saw him live, in person... now i never will. His music made me want to smile, to laugh, to MOVE MY BODY. My most sincere condolences to his family and to all who knew him personally. He was a most beautiful man and he will never be forgotten. The history of music will always know his name. KOKO B.

Wanda Collier 08-06-2008

Down to earth, good people, your light will shine forever all over the world, Thank you for the opportunity, we will miss you

nadine Guignard 08-06-2008

I am a French from Paris and my mother love Bo Diddley ,now I live Florida and sad for lost a big artiste condolence for all familly Nadine