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Sabrina Tripp 01-12-2012

My memory of of Anne is from over 25 years ago I met her at Act 2 in Winnipeg. Ann you showed me my angels, you taught me "Love is all there is" Love you always, think of you of often.....my heart is so full of gratitude I am so blessed god gave me a chance to meet you

Anonymous 04-08-2012

Happy Birthday, Anne. Love ya

Elizabeth Toth 04-08-2012

Thinking of you today and missing you....

Jennifer 22-07-2012

Jennifer 22-07-2012

Sharon 10-02-2012

Wow. I think of her so often. The only time I knew her from one class at the UAC conference. I'm glad I let her know she was my favorite female speaker. Dearly beloved family it's never too late to let you know too.

Anonymous 20-03-2011

How much time has passed since I've seen her last? I do not know, but yet I wait for her. I love to see her coming around the cornor with a smile on her face and the breeze carring her laughter. So long gone now. I am filled with regrets. Regrets of not spending more time with her. Regrets of the time I spent with her when I chose to disagree with her and be mad at her. Surely she must know now that I was not in my right mind at the time. I walk the woods looking for her, the light in her eyes. I listen at the waters edge, still I do not hear from her. How long is this end? I wait and I hope in my heart for the time when she and I will reunite and be friends once again. Dear sweet Anne Shirely how long has it been.

LizzieToth 27-02-2011

there was always a myriad of people in and out of our home.. Mom had a community of people she loved and cared for and provided shelter for, when they needed it. there was always a warm meal that could be shared to take fragments and make them whole - that is what mom did piecing together - pulling together - she made a community their stories will be part of the fabric of our lives forever.

Janelle DiFranco 12-09-2010

Anne was one of two of my guardian angels in life. I'll leave it at that.

Sharon 12-08-2010

I visited Anne once a year for my chart. She always encouraged me to be an artist even when I resisted. She was right, I am a photographer but that was many years ago. She also told me I was a medium and I resisted until two months ago when Anne actually popped into my head for a visit. I did not know she had passed. So I went to another medium who told me she thought she was in the spirit world. It finally dawned on me today to search. Now I know. Anne is doing fine and it looks like her hair is blond. Thank God for her !!!

khusrau 03-08-2010

Happy Birthday, Annie. I often think of you and what a beautiful person you were. Since today is your birthday, I thought I'd say "Hi, Annie. Love ya!"

Cari-Lee Miiler 26-07-2010

I was blessed enough to have been brought over to the Toth household while visiting with Matt while he was in Niagara...I cannot remember what year it was but I am guessing it was 1997 or 8....we were boating, more appropriately Matt was trying to teach me how to wake-board if I'm not mistaken! LOL Epic fail on my part but I tried! Matt brought me back to the house and where his mother brought out food and welcomed me like I was family. What a warm and amazing soul I was introduced to. I will never forget what she told me that day or how she tried to guide me in the confusion I shared with her. Now I was thinking about her so much in the last little while and I'm not entirely sure why, but when I came onto the internet to search, this is where I was brought and my heart is sad. Just one moment with a person can change your outlook immeasurably and she most definitely changed mine. Thank-you Anne...I am so blessed to have met you!

Anonymous 25-03-2010

... we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that's so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.

Jim Coughlin 21-12-2009

Not a day goes by when I don't think about you and your twinkling eyes and special laugh. I am so greatful for having know you and my only regret is not spending MORE time with you. oxox Jim

Elizabeth Toth 30-11-2009

Two years and it feels like you were just here, helping cook the thanksgiving feast, wrapping gifts for the holidays...and going for a drive to see the lights on the falls or in the park. We miss you mom - and we miss charlie too.

Elizabeth Toth 01-08-2009

your birthday is fast approaching. You would have been turning 69 this year, and I've no doubt that we would have been planning a picnic at Dufferin Islands - or a trip to Lily Dale for the day. Calvin and I will take Jake the dog and head to the 'park' overlooking the river - where your ashes rest now. We'll take the ball launcher for the baby border collie and think about you and charlie. xoxo lizzie and calvin

Carolyn Shannon 23-05-2009

We first met when I took a tarot card class with her, I was invited to join her at her Friday night radio shows after which we would dine at the East Indian Restaurant sharing many stories and laughs. When I came to her for my Astrology Chart she literally saved my life by telling me I was going to be an Non-Traditional Art Teacher and if I didn't find a way to release the earthquake of old, buried emotions I would end up having a nervous breakdown or worse. I thought she was wrong about the Art thing, I knew in my heart that she was right about the buried emotions. The proof of this was coming out in bouts of skin rashes that couldn't be explained by the medical profession. I was drawn to a little town on Lake Huron called Southampton... I picked up a cheap pad of paper /a set of markers... went back to my room to prove her wrong. Ever since I have been both doing and teaching what has become Art from the Heart Adventures. It was like I opened my heart and it all came gushing out . WOW! When I went back to see Anne again, while I was waiting in the little cabin where she did her readings, I set up close to 70 of the heartworks I had done in just 6 short months and she was truly appreciative of the powerful presentation. As usual she was humble about having been the catalyst for this life saving change saying I had a choice to make and made it. She was proud of me though and that meant a lot. I mention how Anne saved my life at most of my workshops and talks and thank her for being so frank about the change I needed to make. In April of this year I went back to Southampton to teach the techniques I was guided to develop in the same room years ago and once more told the participants how a wonderful pyschic friend made this all possible. Until we meet again, Dear ANNE, whereever that might be. Love & Light, Carolyn Shannon

LizzieToth 04-01-2009

Elizabeth Toth 08-12-2008

I can hardly believe the time has passed unlike so much of my new life getting through this year couldn't be rushed the ebb and flow of each season just rolled through my life each with it's own set of distinctive memories i visited the grave site this week I know that you aren't there but it was comforting to see your name on the monument next to gram it was a sunny, brisk day in the mountains a day that you would have loved to walk charlie by the river nearby In my mind - the two of you are together - walking in the sunshine xoxo Lizzie

LizzieToth 18-09-2008

LizzieToth 06-06-2008

A letter from Elizabeth Toth.... I'm so grateful to all of you who wrote to Anne with your stories of how her gift had touched your lives; with your uplifting words of encouragement; with your declarations of admiration and friendship. Anne was a strong and private woman when it came to this battle - but even the mountain must tremble, and during the toughest times she gained solace and comfort from reading your emails and letters and understanding that she had been a source of light in your lives. I hope you will find some peace in knowing that the joy and comfort you found in her words winged it's way back to her through your words, prayers, and good wishes. There is no darkness in this place that we're bound Love is the only thing that matters. Let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star. Thank you, Elizabeth

Anonymous 31-03-2008

Anne, are you watching us all now? How we do search still for the wisdom, fun and laughter that you so readily shared. It was decades ago now that you came to Ottawa and brought your warmth, kindness and love into my home. Insights. fun and tea leaves followed your lecture. Updates at conferences and then....... Peace be with you, your family and friends and with all of us left here. Thanks for lovely memories.

LizzieToth 22-02-2008

anne the bigness of her spirit and heart is now just that much more infinite her love and her laugh permeate all i came to know anne and elizabeth through the radio show it was one of the best shows ever i called in once but afterwards i started seeing and talking to anne 1 on 1 i most appreciate how she kept my spirit going through some extremely tough times i very very much appreciated that she was there for me i knew it unfortunately i could not be there for her in the same way i did what i could but she knows my love and gratitude i miss her i do you're right though elizabeth she is not far

Anonymous 21-01-2008

My dear friend, I cherish our brief time together as friends and astrologers. I thank you for helping me to explore my inner and outer universe through astrology, kaballa and meditation. Your wonderful laugh was the most wonderful sound imaginable. Until we meet again.

Anonymous 17-01-2008

Oh what a joy to have known the glorious spirit Anne Toth. You shared your beautiful light with me and I was ever-changed for the better. Guidance at the radio station, shared meals, classes filled with wisdom, Sufi dancing, trips to Lily Dale and many more spiritual endeavours create a myriad of wonderful memories. Thank you sweet lady; I absolutely know that you are soaring with Angels...oh what JOY! Love, Trish M.