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  • Tim Chidsey

    created memory in Melissa Batten

    created memory in Melissa Batten

    I was lucky to see her shortly before her life was taken. I worked under Melissa on a great game, nearly 2 yrs before this happened. I was able to meet with her for dinner and drinks while in Wa. for business. I will always remember how happy she seemed that night, and will keep that as my last memory of her. I was not very knowledgeable of the pain she was going through, but I know she told me she had not had that much fun in a while. That was Sat., Tuesday I heard the awful news. If it brings any comfort to family and friends, I can say that night she was happy, admits the nightmare she lived through. I think she found her joy and passion in video games and that makes me feel some comfort.

    We love you and will always think of you and the "Hammer of Dawn" song....

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