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    it was a sad how it happen and i won't lie that it was wrong, but the full story of my sister in law, maybe you should ask the family

    Report 28-04-2012


    Sorry you were fooled by your brother, he was truely evil. I remember him telling me "I would never have shot Missy." That was after he had held her at gun point 2 months before he murdered her. She was terrified of him. She had a restraining order against him and he hide in the woods until she came out of her apartment. He then murdered her. Did you know that there was a child that witnessed this. For years he was cruel and would say horrible things to her that you know nothing about. I have emails he wrote that would make your toes curl. He had handcuffs and butcher knives in the trunk of his car. God knows what he was plannig to do if she had gotten in the car with him. Again, sorry you were fooled by him. Oh just so you know he said ugly and mean things about you and your sister. I would never have approached you but I wont allow you to defend him in any way on my sister's memorial sight.

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