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  • G. Bee Bee White

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    We met at LA SoWest College, in the early 70's. We had a class together and we were not happy with the grade we received, so we went looking for the teacher. Needless to say we could not find him.

    We realized that he did not want to be found, and we just looked at each other, and CRIS said ''we just have to work harder to get rid of this C.''

    We were friends from that point on. Cris was the level headed one, I was the hot headed one. She accepted me as I was, but she never hesitated to pull my coat if she felt that I was out of line. Her favorite words to me was, ''Now Bee Bee''.

    She was one of the few people the accepted people as they were, and because of this, she accumulated a host of friends.

    She was a mediator and a confident, always level headed in a crisis with a prayer on her lips and in her heart, and will be remembered always for her giving spirit and her smile.

    Nite Nite Cris,

    Bee Bee

    Report 20-09-2008

    Deborah Donaldson-Foster

    Aunt Bee Bee, Thank you for sharing your memories of Mom. You have been a true friend to us as children through the years as well. You will forever be in our lives. Love Deborah

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