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  • Dam Heuer

    created memory in Garth Heuer

    created memory in Garth Heuer

    You weren't ready for a child when you had me I understand. You ran from your responsibilities as a father and growing up without you being a presence in my life was hard and made me resentful. I desperately needed my father at a young age and as I grew I realized that it was hard for me to consider you as such, when we last spoke you tried to pick up the broken pieces but unfortunately the damage was done and I ran just like you did all those years ago, I abandoned you as you did me.

    What haunts me is that we ended on bad terms and never got to make amends, we were both so stubborn.

    News of your death hit me hard and I remember running out of the house at midnight with tears down my face, staring up at the night sky and thinking about the past and the future, what could of been different, what could of changed.

    Life isn't always fair and things don't always go the way we want them to, but you were still my father and deep down I still loved you.

    Rest in peace dad, hopefully I'll see you again someday and we can make up for lost time.

    Your Son.

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