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  • anita bradish

    created memory in Michael Jackson

    I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard blame it on the boogie and then you blew me away with the off the wall album and from there you had me hooked.I will love and admire you the rest of my life and it pains me to my heart when haters say bad things about you that it makes me made and I defend your honor because they nothing about you and they have such a miserable life that they have to say bad things about you.You are always on my mind 24/7 a day and I drive my family crazy talking about you but if there is one person and have my favorite singer it would only be you,you have given me the drive to dance because I didn't know how until I heard you and now part of my life is broken because you are not here with us.Everyday when I get depressed and all I have to do is listen to your voice and songs and it brightens my day but then I am also still a little sad because you are no with us.You have given so much to me with your music and your dance I wish that I could repay you in some way,I have even decided to get a tattoo of an insporational message and I have always told my nieces to never put a mans name on them but I am going back on my word and I'm going to put ur name on me because you are insporational to me and everytime I look at it it will lift me up,I hope that god will forgive me for having tattoo's but I look at it as art.I love and miss you everyday of my Life Michael aand Happy Birthday!!!!!

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