25-01-1981 16-10-2007

Tose Proeski

Tose Proeski

25-01-1981 16-10-2007

Marie L'Etoile

Celebrate the life of superstar singer Tose - leave your memories for the man many mourn.
Feel free to upload your favorite photo, memory, ...

Celebrate the life of superstar singer Tose - leave your memories for the man many mourn.
Feel free to upload your favorite photo, memory, or make your own tribute.

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  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    I'll Never Forget You

    I'll never forget you
    I promise you I won't
    I'll never stop loving you
    I promise you I won't

    I can't promise I won't miss you
    And I can't promise I won't cry
    All that I can promise
    Is that I'll do my best to try

    I hope I see you again
    Shipped out at age nineteen
    To join the Marines
    Please come back to me

    I remember your smile
    I can't forget your laugh
    I still feel your hugs
    How can I forget?

    You made me laugh
    You made me cry
    You gave me hope
    And made me try

    You threw me down into depression
    Then you reached out and pulled me back up
    I know you care
    You gave me my life

    I'm so glad I met you
    I think about you a lot
    There's no way I could forget you
    We've been through too much

    I'll never forget you
    I promise you I won't
    I'll never stop loving you
    I promise you I won't

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    An Open Letter To The One I'll Never Forget

    Missing you bunches and bunches, loving you even more!

    The other day I saw something and managed to find myself thinking about you and I couldn't help but smile and giggle to myself. I found myself reaching for your hug, attempting to hold your hand, and finding nothing but empty air and limited oxygen. Both disappointing and not what I was truly needing at the moment. I found myself frozen in time, recalling every single detail of your face, every inch of your endless love and every movement of your impelling heart; as if one more breath of my own would suddenly mean I forgot every one you had once taken. I panicked, realizing that I hadn't thought of you in a while, I hadn't spent every second of the day remembering you and missing you; and in that moment I felt nothing but guilt.

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    I closed my eyes and I tried to remember it all. Every second of every moment that we spent together, every smile, every laugh, every single memory. It was then that I could remember how it felt to have you standing besides me, every one of my senses suddenly was on high alert and for a second I forgot that I was only dreaming. I forgot that you were gone, I forgot about the pain, the tears, the loneliness; and in that second I remembered you. I remembered your distinct eye color, your smell, the way you shrugged your shoulders, the sound of your steps, the way you hugged, I remembered it all. And in that moment I realized that I had never really forgot any of it.

    I hadn't forgotten your smell, or the color of your eyes. I hadn't forgot the way you walked or the feeling I used to get when you hugged me tight; I won't ever forget any of those things. I'll never forget the love I felt, the happiness I experienced, the joy that your existence brought me; I'll never truly forget you. I'll never forget the impact you had on my life. You changed my life for the better, you helped shape me into the person I am today and I hope you are proud of who that person is! You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. You will have always changed my world and many others too.

    There will come days in which I forget to think of you, days where I will smile and for once it will be for something other than a memory of you. I will laugh at something other than your jokes but that does not mean I love you any less. Your jokes will forever be the funniest I have ever heard, your eyes will forever be my favorite color and your hugs will always be the warmest and tightest of them all. You will forever be my hardest goodbye. You will live inside my heart forever, your smile will shine in my memories and every inch of your love will continue to spread through the lives you managed to impact while you were here.

    You will never be forgotten. I miss you bunches and bunches, and I love you even more!

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    Love You With All My Heart

    All I could do is love you with all of my heart
    and fight anything that keeps us apart
    for never have I loved like this before
    Its nearly more than what I could endure
    but if love has this sweet sorrow
    I want MORE tomorrow

    I need your body against me
    and to make love to you passionately
    for Darling this is love true
    it's love for only you
    I love you with all my might
    may this thought keep you warm at night Mwah! I love you, I love you, I love you... My future wife. All my heart desires. Every hope, and every dream. I fell in love with you when we were together, and I helplessly fall deeper in love in the days we are apart. With one look into your eyes, my world stops. I can see my life flash by. My past, present, and future. With you my love. All of it, with you. The perfect match. My favorite hello, and hardest goodbye, my good luck charm, and the beat that fuels my heart. It's been you all along...

    I want you to know you're the best thing that could have ever happened to me in this life. Worth more than this world could ever give. Nothing will ever compare to the love I have for you. It will be yours forever. You're the fire in my heart, my inamorata. The one love in this world that could defy all odds. The reason behind every breathe, heartbeat and gleaming smile. No words written or said could ever truly show my feelings for you. No famous quote, no love story. Some things are just too good to be described and can only truly be understood when they are felt.

    No lifetime is enough to show you the extent of my love for you. So I will give you me, all of me, in this life and the next, and all after, and maybe one day, a million lives from now you would have had but a taste of what it's like to just live one moment in your heart and in my eyes. Eyes that have seen the most beautiful thing in the world. Eyes with your reflection in them. Sleep tight my love and I will forever hold you in my arms. Love me truly and I'll forever hold you in my heart.

    And I promise to make you the happiest girl in the world and to live forever with you. With an everlasting fire in my heart, an undying passion in my eyes, and a peace in my mind that only our love could give me. Welcome to your new home, my heart. So let's live forever, hand in hand, and turn all of those dreams we have into one beautiful reality. Day by day, and year by year; adding our own magical chapters to the love story that's ours... and it's the best one yet.

    I need you to know I love you. I promise I forever will. Nothing in this world means more to me than you, I know it can be hard, but I promise to give you a life of happiness. You're the last thing in the world I want to hurt, and I'm sorry I bring up things that no longer matter. I trust you with my entire heart and soul. You're the only one that can break me. You're the only one I can love enough to go all in for. I will protect you with my life, and forever give your heart it's beat, and your soul a place to rest. I swear I cannot live my life without you, and I swear you never have to live yours without me. I've fallen so hard and deeply for you I can't imagine a world without you. You've made me smile from the moment I met you. Loved me through my rights and wrongs.

    When I looked in your eyes the night before I left, I saw everything my life could be. You've given my heart love, and my soul strength to carry on. You've filled me with joy, and shown me what true love can do. I am nothing without you. You light up my world so I can see, taken me higher than I have ever been. I could write a million love letters about you, but it would never do.

    From the first moment I looked you in your eyes you stopped time. You speak works that linger with me forever, give my body sensations a body can never understand, and you make me laugh and see how good life can be. You have thrived in my dreams and made me realize they can come true. All of the things you and I could be, see and do. You made me love today and live for tomorrow. You give me days of love and joy and nights under the stars. When my eyes first met yours, at that airport bench, I never told you, but for a single moment I felt something different, I never thought of it and didn't understand it. But my soul never let it go. But I know why. Why I could never forget your pretty face. In that first glance, for a single beautiful moment, my soul was shocked, it couldn't believe what it saw... it couldn't believe that it had found you. My reason for living, the girl I was waiting for, the girl who would show me how good life can be, the girl I would ask to marry me. Nothing else in the world can bring the happiness that you bring. Never has something taken me higher and opened my eyes to something so truly beautiful.

    My love,

    Nothing in this world has ever been more beautiful than getting to lay my eyes on you. You’re the reason I live and breathe. You complete me. You make me the happiest man in the world. You make me want to buy the world, the moon and the stars, and give it all to you. You make me warm like the summer, mess up your hair, sing out of tune, baby I don’t care. You make me want to fly over the world, hold your hand, dance in the rain, linger in your eyes, baby it's insane. You make my world go round, the film strip to my life, the music to my ears and the one I’ll make my wife.

    You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me – me, and see how good life can be. You light up my life, brighter than the sun, fill me full of fun, enter lotteries I’ve already won. You make me wanna buy you flowers, write your name in the sand, love you every way I can. You make me wanna swim the sea for one more kiss, hold you for every second of bliss, miss you like I’ve never missed. You make me cherish yesterday, love today and live for tomorrow.

    You pick me up when I fall down, change the direction of any frown, are a princess without a crown. You are my desire, you take me higher, consume me like a fire. You make me drunk off your love, high on your smile, dream of you… walking down the isle. You make me wanna see it all said and done, look at us like the lucky ones, live all my life with you… the only one. You make me wanna sing more than say, always follow through, listen to your words, the music of my day. You make me forget how to breathe, lose track of time, fall in love, you’re more than a dime. You make me wanna love you so, never wanna see you go, teach you all the things I know, yell your name on the radio.

    You make me wanna fly, you make me wanna soar, you make me wanna hold you forever more. You make me wanna kiss your very core, forget it all, lock the door, stare into the eyes of everything I adore. You make my heart giggle, my butt tickle, and love you the opposite of a little. You make me wanna call you baby, forget about maybe, drive me crazy, you’re the finest lady. You make me forget about never, live like forever, love so deep I change the weather. You make me live laughter, immune to disaster, touch my soul, my heart beats faster. I love you forever and ever...

    Be Your Man

    The more I get to spend time with you, the more I am certain that I'll do whatever it takes to provide for you.
    That is important to me.

    A lot of people want to change the world; I just want to make yours the best it can be. I don't want to be the president or a celebrity, I want to be yours; To live a life with real meaning, to raise a family, see our children grow, learn, play, live, laugh, and love. I want to concentrate on this perfect world of you and I; build a home with my own two hands, always put you before me.

    I want to love you and cherish you with every ounce of my being, find freedom in a starry night, and ourselves on a sunlit grassy hill, looking at the horizon knowing everything, every hope, every dream, peace of mind, and smile is being held in my arms. With you I trust in this happiness, one that could never fade.

    With you there is love in the simple, yet beautiful moments, moments that take your breath away and captivate the soul... Love that puts magic in memories we share, overloads the mind, and renders words impossible.

    Remember that night, lying under the stars in the bed of my truck, and all of a sudden this shooting star went by, we both saw it, holding each other as we both made a wish. I looked at you, and I knew, with souls intertwined, we were wishing for the same thing... and darling all I can think is those stars were listening to us somehow.

    You're my everything, all I ever wanted. Hunter Hayes can sing it, but I can show it, and we can live it. I'll be your man, your happily ever after in this beautiful life story, one that will never end, a story for forever, the best one yet and the only one that matters.

    Message From The Heart

    Hey you, girl of my dreams. I hope you know I love you. I mean it. You fill my life with value. Feeling you love me is the most precious thing in the world. It is the best thing I have ever felt. I think about us every day, holding you, not saying a word, not having to. Sitting somewhere we love, not a thought or worry in the world. Sitting there with our life being complete, holding and feeling everything in the world right next to me. Touching me, perfect, pure, effortless happiness. Knowing we don't need anything more. I picture this all the time, and it reminds me to never let our love die. It shows me that dreams are possible. Worries aren't necessary, and that I don't need to pass away to be in heaven. Since the moment I laid my eyes on you I made a promise to never lose you, to fulfill every dream you've dreamt, to fill in all your blanks, to be the one thing that will stick with you through anything and every life through at you; and I promised to love you for every moment I was given in this life with you, and a promise to love you past death, to never allow anything in this world to end this love, and to never forget you, through life and death, and into the next. I could never put in words how much you mean to me, but I can always feel it. For as long as you live I will give and live my life for you. You'll never need to look further, never need ask the question, I'll be there.


  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    You’Re My Blessing

    I give you my heart my love. I know you won’t break it. You fill my soul with so much joy. I know I can tell you all my fears and secrets. Looking into your eyes I see a treasure. When you wrap me in your arms my heart melts with so much love. Even when we’re miles away you’re still with me. You won the key to my heart. You light up my day. At night when everything is quiet I hear your sweet voice. You’re one of the greatest gifts I could get. You’re my best friend who I can always talk to. You know how I am feeling before I tell you. You understand me when no one else does. You stand up for me. I see so much of God in you. You came into my life when I needed you the most. You bless my life everyday. You love all of me. You keep me going through the really tough times. You have warm heart that melts mine. You make me so alive and free. You’re so special to me. You’re always bringing a smile to my face. I can be myself when I am with you. You’re so good to me. You’re in my dream when I sleep at night. You mean so much to me my sweet. God blessed me with you. You’re so caring and kind. You have a very compassionate heart.

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    Dear Lord, bless my friend who came from Thee

    Save her from every harm

    Rescue her from every evil and pain.

    Guide always her path

    And provide her with your Light,

    That she may not stray,

    And always find her way back home.

    Protect her thoughts oh, Lord,

    That she may not be anxious

    But have the assurance that comes from Your Grace.

    Surround her heart with your strength

    That she may live in love

    And thereby live a meaningful life

    Wherever she may be.

    May she never forget our friendship

    And find in it a treasure that does not fade.

    May she remember that there is a person she can lean on to

    In times of need,

    In times when she may cry.

    And even in those times when I can’t be there

    To hold her hand,

    May she always know she’s not alone

    For You are there, O Lord,

    The One who has given us this blessing of friendship,

    The One who will protect its joy forever more.

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    FATHER's letter to His child!!!!!

    Dear Child:

    "My dear child, I am your Father and I love you very much; more than you can ever comprehend.
    I knew your every day before you were even born.
    I knew your every thought, your every step, your every stumble.
    I was there to pick you up; in fact, I'm there wherever you go, wherever you are, no matter how dark or alone you may feel....do not trust your feelings....
    I will never leave you or forsake you!!! I was there for your every success, rejoicing with you;
    I was there through your darkest days, your failures; through the storms in your life, when the rain fell down, those were my tears falling down for you!!

    I created you; designed your every detail and I Am very pleased with my creation!
    I believe in you! There is no one else exactly like you...You are Unique, Special , and Precious in My eyes!!
    I designed the rythym your heart makes, the color of your eyes, your strengths and even your weaknesses.
    I have given you unique gifts that only you possess; you have a special purpose. What you lack in a certain area, I will make up for.
    My Child, I Love You and I Long To Have a Personal Relationship with You!! Seek Me and you will find Me...you will find true peace and joy beyond human comprehension. The things of this world cannot give you lasting peace, joy, or happiness. They all will eventually let you down and turn to dust. The void in your heart, in your soul, can only be filled by Me.
    I came to this world and became human and gave My life to build a bridge between what separates you and I....I am your Creator and your Father and gave My life for you because I love you so! What human father does not want the best for his child , if he truly loves the child? My love is beyond what human hearts can comprehend....Am I not going to want the best for you even that much more?

    My child, come to Me, ask Me into your heart, trust Me and you will not be disappointed!! I know it is hard sometimes, but I will never leave you or forsake you, no matter what! Be all you can be; all I created you to be. The gift I offer you is free; it will cost you nothing. Believe in Me, confess to me your wrongs, your troubles and know that you have been forgiven; You will be made new!

    I set a choice before you. Chose to truly live, chose life! All things are possible through Me. I have taken losers and made then winners. I have taken haters and made them lovers. I have taken greedy and made them givers. I have taken killers and made them lifesavers. I have taken liars and thieves and made them people of integrity and honesty. I have taken the depressed and filled them with joy and hope; so much so that they could not contain it, but had to give it away to others, for you only keep what you have by giving it away. I have taken the confused and lost and given them understanding and direction. I have given the dead life. I have healed the sick and the broken hearted. I have taken the cruel and made them kind. I have taken the blind and made them see. I have taken the addicted and the captured and set them free. I have taken wrong and made it right. I have taken darkness and made it light. My Child, My question is,.............WHAT WILL YOU DO AFTER READING THIS?

    Rom 10:9 if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.
    Rom 10:10 With the heart one believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth one confesses, resulting in salvation.

    I Love you Always to all eternity,


  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    We may not have been friends at birth, but being friends since we were 6 or middle school already seems like forever to me! You know me way better than I know myself sometimes. You know my deepest secrets, as well as all the celebrities I would love to date!

    I have cried with you and thankfully laughed with you many more times. We have had our ups and downs but through everything, I know that you are the one who will always be around. We are apart with school but when we finally talk to each other it's like we never missed a beat! Calling on the phone has not gone extinct probably because of us! Talking for hours never seems like enough time and even if we did talk every day we would still always find something new to say!

    As my best friend, you have taught me to take chances and you have taught me to forget what people may think. You constantly push me out of my comfort zone and I could never be more grateful! After dancing and playing Marco Polo in Target, I don't think I have been judged by more people ever. Through you, I have learned how to truly be myself even if people are looking.

    I know that I will never be alone and that my family is not the only family I have. Through every snarky remark and eye roll, we have made it out of those crazy teen years and into our adult lives. Soon we will be even further from each other; as we embark on our lives after school. Even though we were never at the same university, I feel that it was tie holding us together. I know that nothing will change and we will always be a best friend.

    When my world seemed to be crumbling around me, as it has on multiple occasions, I knew I could count on you to help me hold it up. And when your world was crumbling, I was by your side — not because I had to pay you back but because you are my best friend and when you are hurting I am too. I have never known a person who could read minds until I met you! You have been able to know exactly what I am thinking and knew how to tell me! You constantly remind me of who I am and who I am going to be by not telling me what I wanted to hear but telling me what I needed to hear.

    Thank you for allowing me to become a part of your family — and I apologize that you are now a part of mine. Not only do I know you will forever be by my side, but I know that I will always have your family as a support system alongside mine. And you must know that myself and my family are always here rooting you on!

    Know that I appreciate your friendship. It seems like you have already been a part of my life forever, and I hope that forever continues on and on. Our personal families will grow and we will grow along with them and I cannot wait for that moment. Best friends forever is an understatement. Thank you for this forever and the future forever, I could not do this without you!

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski


    Submitted By: KSac1980

    I never thought that I would find
    a friend so great and a friend so kind
    I look up to you in every way
    Because I learn something from you every day.

    Without you I don't know where I'd be
    but you're still here, friends with me
    you deserve so much more than I can give
    but without you I wouldn't live.

    You've given me more than money can buy
    and for you I'd give my all and I would die
    This feeling I feel gets stronger every day
    hoping not to screw it up, I constantly pray.

    I know we have our problems every now and then
    but once it's fixed our friendship is better times ten
    and I want you to know that I truly do care
    even in fights when I say things that aren't fair.

    You're an angel from God up above
    and I'm thankful for your understanding love
    because when you're around everything seems right
    and for you, until the end, I will fight.

    It doesn't matter what you do or say
    because you'll be my friend anyway
    I know the real you that's down deep inside
    and in you, I'll always confide.

    Thanks for being the friend you are
    you're my best friend, an angel by far
    everything in you is an inspiration to do great
    and you'll be loved by all cause that's your fate!

    So never stop being the real and wonderful you
    cause God shines through in all that you do
    and whenever it seems like I'm never there
    remember this: I love you and I'll always care

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    created memory in Tose  Proeski

    Always and Forever

    Submitted By: scrapping_pink_princess

    Always and forever,
    I just want you to know.
    I will always be there for you,
    Know matter how far you go.

    You can travel by the sea,
    You can travel in the air.
    By camel across the desert,
    I will always be there.

    Your knowledge astounds me,
    I'm desperate to learn.
    Take me to your places,
    This time its your turn.

    I will support your dreams and wishes,
    Help them to come true.
    I would walk along broken glass,
    Just to be with you.

    You are the sun in the sky,
    A fish in the sea,
    A song bird singing,
    A big part of me.

    I want you to know that i love you,
    You will forever be in my heart.
    You bless my live with so much pleasure,
    Without you I'd fall apart.

  • mdordieski

    created memory in Tose Proeski

    I Love You With All My Heart

    to my Darling, best friend Tose

    There was a time when I was about to shut love out of my life. But right there you came along ... just in time.
    You're such a wonderful gift. A very precious one. A gift to keep, a gift to care and a gift to love now and forever.
    Tell me how can I let go of someone very special? Never ... for you are a heaven's gift. The one I longed and asked for my entire life and I feel lucky and blessed that destint brought us together.

    I love you with all my heart!

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