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Ruth Miehl

Ruth Miehl

19-11-1927 11-01-2007


This a tribute page to one of the best wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother ever

This a tribute page to one of the best wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother ever

  • ~~*RENEE*~~

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    you sound like a very special lady...

  • Anonymous

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    Who was Ruth Miehl? She had many roles - devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. In each role she gave all she could to be the best for each and every one of us. She loved us, and made sure we knew it. My grandma was such a HUGE part of my life and she always will be. I have so many wonderful memories to hold on to, which I know will give me strength through all the hard times. She was the most caring, thoughtful and selfless person I have ever known.

    She was my MOST FAVORITE person in the world. There were special moments that were memorable simply because of the time she dedicated to me.

    She taught me many things such as "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" and "Pat-a-Cake."

    She would let me lay on the couch with her and she would brush my hair and scratch my back until I fell asleep. Grandpa would carry me to bed and I would make her stay with me until I fell asleep again. I was afraid of the dark so in the middle of the night I would come in and sleep with them. This went on for many years.

    She would play Candyland and Uno with me almost every night I stayed over.

    She would ALWAYS have a bag of treats for me when she picked me up for my weekend trips. I couldn't wait for her to pick me up on Friday night after she got off work. I remember thinking is Friday ever going to come? I loved our car trips we shared for years, back and forth from Corona.

    Going with grandma on one of her outings turned into a special trip for me as well.

    For example:

    When I went with her to Saturday morning hair appointments, I would sit and talk to her while she was getting her hair done for a while then she would give me money to go and get candy and shop around Thrifty's.

    We liked going to the mall to shop and have lunch. she would always go buy her favorite Estee Lauder perfume so I could get the free makeup bag with goodies in it. Then she would buy me those trendy outfits so I could be like all the other girls at school. She never complained about how much anything cost either. The only thing she would say is you could buy a lot more if you didn't have to have the fifty four dollar jeans. I now know what she was talking about. I have 2 daughters.

    We enjoyed going to Mother's Beach, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and Medieval Times together.

    We enjoyed watching our stories together.

    Her thoughtfulness knew no bounds.

    She made me zucchini bread and fresh salsa and saved me vegetables from grandpa's garden.

    There was always grenadine for my Shirley Temples.

    She made macaroni salad for all my parties and peanut butter balls at Christmas.

    We could ALWAYS count on grandma to call everyday if someone was not feeling well just to make sure we were okay.

    I always felt safe because I knew I could count on her for ANYTHING.

    She NEVER missed an event in my life or in the lives of my children, which of course made us feel very special.

    Patience was but only one of her virtues. Teenagers can be so annoying especially when it comes to music. But grandma let me control the radio, changing the station continuously for just the right song with one small exception. The only time I couldn't was, when there was a ball game on.

    She was also a wonderful great-grandmother. I'm so glad my children got the chance to learn how wonderful she was too.

    She took my children places and was the best babysitter. In September Jillian started kindergarten and there wasn't any childcare for three weeks. Grandma watched her everyday. Jillian is a little on the wild side, but grandma didn't complain even though she could not chase after her like she had done when the other kids were young. The only thing she asked for in return was for me to paint her toe nails for her reunion trip.

    She never left anyone out, even in the end. When I would say, "I love you grandma." She would say, "I know you do and I love all of you." She just wanted to make sure we took care of ourselves. As she was laying in her hospital bed in pain, slipping in and out from the pain medication, all she could think about was us. She went so far as to ask my best friend to look out for me.

    She exemplified strength, courage and perseverance even in the end. While the cancer was getting the best of her, she refused to give up and kept trying to get better because she knew we all depended on her. It is hard to let her go, but I know she is in a better place and not feeling any more pain. While I will miss her presence everyday, I will always have her with me as I remember all she taught me. I am eternally grateful to have had such a loving, doting grandma who made me feel special and safe. I feel lucky to have known her. She was one-of-a-kind, and she will be forever in my heart.

    I love you grandma!

  • harrigi515

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    well i dont know what to say because there is so much to say about you. you were loving, caring, a awesome great grandmother. i remember you always took me and tim to medieval times for our birthday since we have it on the same day, pizza fridays, donut sunday. theres so many memries with you it would take forever to write down. so i love you grandma and i wish you didnt have to leave us.

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