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respectance 15-06-2016

Remembering the Orlando victims. They're human beings with friends and family. With plans for the future. Heartbreaking.

jordi-7 13-06-2016

Of the 320 people who were in Pulse nightclub in Orlando, 50 have been confirmed dead, while while 53 others are being treated for their injuries in various hospitals around the city. This shows just a few of the confirmed victims who have been named by authorities so far: https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/news/39358/first-victims-of-orlando-shooting-named/ If you have family or friends you are concerned about, you can contact a special hotline which has been set up – the number is 407.246.4357.

Melanie 13-06-2016

Deeply sad... I don't understand it anymore, why? May you all rest in peace ✨

Marie L'Etoile 12-06-2016

now the police reports 20 precious human beings passed away and 42 are severely wounded. I cannot understand such atrocities.

Marie L'Etoile 12-06-2016

I wish this would not have happened. Please show some tolerance, and stop tolerating the intolerant! Praying for all victims and their families. And wishing the best to the wounded and those who had to see this horrible crime.

Marie L'Etoile 12-06-2016

The current news as given by CNN. It does not look good.