11-09-1955 25-07-2008

Hiram Bullock

Hiram Bullock

11-09-1955 25-07-2008

Marcel LD

Celebrate the life of American jazz musician Hiriam Bullock by leaving your memories and photos.

Celebrate the life of American jazz musician Hiriam Bullock by leaving your memories and photos.

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  • Lee Heller

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    Hiram was playing with David Sanborn in 1977 when I met him in Pittsburgh, PA. At the time I was in college and living with a diverse group of people in a commune in the city. One of my roommates was a CMU musical piano/saxophone prodigy who was a good friend of Hiram. Hiram came over before his gig at the Leona Theatre one afternoon and I was playing chess with several buddies. Hiram sat and watched a game or so and then we played several games. He gave me tickets to the show that night and following the show he came back over and we played chess well into the early hours of the next morning. He was an amazing fellow; intelligent, competitive, friendly, compassionate, and a tremendous talent. I saw played chess with him on several other occasions when he stopped in Pittsburgh until we lost touch sometime in the early 80's and I didn't realize that he had passed on until several years after his death. Those were some good time way back then and I often listen to his music and reminiscence. He is gone but certainly not forgotten; I considered him a friend.

  • Alex Reitzmann

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    I first saw Hiram Bullock during my first trip to NYC in May 87. He was to play in a small club of upper West Side, with Darryl Jones, Mitch Forman and Charley Drayton. We had to wait 2 hours past the scheduled beginning (they must have been working in studio), but when they finally came, they rocked the house, one of the best gig i've ever seen, everybody went crazy in the audience, as they played more than 2h30 hours... Later i played Window Shoppin and Cactus on the french Riviera with a friend, and From All Sides has stayed for more than 10 years in my car... one of the 10 records of my life... Thanks for All, Hiram...

  • Frode Barth

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    I went to music collage in the 80's and had heard that David Sanborn would come to Oslo, the city I lived in. I saved up the money for the ticket and went with a good friend. Already in the first song, I got a tremendous kick due Hiram Bullocks guitar.
    He lay down and played "Blue Monk" with one hand and ran out into the hall and played the guitar solo as I had never before heard or seen. As a guitar student, it was a great inspiration.
    Personally, I like what he did early in his career best. Rest in peace, dear musician colleague

  • Robert Ghini

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    un de mes plus beaux souvenirs de concert à Nice France, il me reste tes disques et ma Cort Signature


  • Good Humor Party

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

  • Alexander

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    фрагмент TV прграммы "Апология" 11.12.2002

  • Chuck Swierczynski

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    Mike Levine is a great pianist and keyboard player out of Miami. In the fall of 1981 he and reeds man Billy Ross were finishing up the second Ross-Levine Band album at a small studio in Coral Gables. The band had a great lineup including Jeff Carswell on bass and Steve Rucker (now head of the University of Miami percussion department) on drums but no permanent guitar player.

    I was working at said studio as the assistant engineer, my first job out of college, when one day Mike announced.that Hiram Bullock would be coming down from New York to lay down the guitar tracks! Mike and Hiram were friends and classmates at the U of M in the glory days of the early 70's when Metheny, Jaco, et. al. were beginning to change the face of jazz as we knew it. All of us at the studio were thrilled. Though he had yet to land the Letterman gig, we all knew of him from his session work with artists like Steely Dan and Billy Joel.

    I can't overstate what a generous act of friendship this was on Hiram's part. The studio bought his round-trip plane ticket and the rental of a Ford Escort for a week but as far as I know he received no pay at all for the sessions. This for a man who probably got double or triple scale in New York at the time. And yes, I said a week. He was at the studio three or four hours a day playing on every track of the album.

    Though we had a good sounding room this was kind of a low budget studio. We didn't even have a guitar amp for Hiram to plug into when he showed up with his original Frankenstein guitar with the humbucker between the single coils and his digital delay. We did have an old Fender Bassman; Tony the engineer rolled it into the half-finished lobby, stuck a Sennheiser 421 in front of it, ran a long guitar cable under the control room door and we rolled tape while Hiram sat behind the board and wailed. The Bassman actually gave the tracks a warm, mellow sound that complimented Hiram's playing quite well.

    Of course as you might have guessed, Hiram didn't only put down beautiful parts but he showed himself to be a beautiful person too. He was always happy and cheerful, always willing to do one more take, always giving each pass his all. I remember one time he was screaming a solo on the most rock and roll track on the record when he leaned too far back in the office chair, the chair slid out from under him and he fell flat on his back on the control room floor but kept on playing without missing a note! We kept that track on the record.

    In between takes Hiram would talk about his experiences in music, living in New York, sports, current events, just about everything. He struck me as an especially intelligent, well spoken and well rounded individual as well as an awesome musician. He treated everyone with respect and consideration and was a good listener, both to music and to people. Before leaving town he threw a party at a friend's house and invited everyone to come. It was a great ending to an unforgettable week.

    Fifteen years later when I first got on the internet I came across Hiram's web site and the "Bullockian Lounge", his chat room. Not expecting a reply, I sent him a message with recollections of those sessions. He responded warmly, said he remembered me and that he had a lot of fun that week in Miami. Once again I was touched by his love and humanity.

    I'm sorry to say I hadn't been following his career lately, When I googled his name last week to see what he'd been up to and found out he had passed on I felt like I'd lost an old friend. It was nice to read all the good memories so many people have of Hiram. His spirit will surely live on in our hearts and in his great recordings.

    Report 26-07-2011


    Chuck, I can't believe I found this! This is Liz. I was with Hiram that week in Miami. Hiram and I had met a couple of months before, but this was our first trip together so it was very memorable for me. I have many photos of that week. And "Green Tuna" was one of my favorite albums Hiram played on. I still have the original cassette of it (though I recently digitized it as I liked it so much). Whatever happened to it? Was it ever released? Anyway, Hiram and I were married a year or so after that and often spoke of that trip to Miami. We remembered it fondly. (And OMG I do remember him falling backwards off the chair!) We were married for a few years, but remained friends for life. Nice to share good memories....

  • Carol Mitchell

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    November 1988, Hiram was on bill with Hiroshima...Hiram tore the house down. So BEAUTIFUL he played as he and his guitar are one. Moved me to tears..We will always love you King !!!

  • Dave Lowrey

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    Monday, August 04, 2008

    Hiram Bullock...Rest In Peace
    Category: Life
    My Memories of Hiram...

    How he touched one life...

    I was a 13 year young Bass Player when I came across a Band at "Parkville Teen Center" in Baltimore, Maryland called "Cabbage" with a New Bass Player....it was HIRAM! He was the most cool Bassist I had ever seen and heard!

    After they were done playing I asked the Bass Player (Hiram) if I could play his Bass (like I always did back then.) He invited me onstage...handed me his Gibson Bass...an EB-0 or and EB-3...

    Then he had one of those Faux Leather curved packs with Wine in it and offered me a drink ( I think I turned it down...)

    A year or so later....Hiram was the Lead Guitarist in a Baltimore Band that my friends Father...Roy Gunther, managed.

    The Band was called "FELIX" and they were amazing. Especially with Hiram on lead guitar. I had never heard that style of Jazz Fusion Guitar yet...even though this was in the early 70's.

    One day he and the Rhythm Guitarist popped in the house from the rehearsal garage to put on "Layla" so that they could pick up some more details of it.

    Later, Hiram had gone to the University Of Miami and had become even more of a Monster...I didn't know this until I saw him with David Sanborn.

    During one of Hiram's solo Guitar spots where he walked all over the Arena via his Wireless...In a Quiet Moment I Yelled Out...


    He paused and looked down at me and said for all to hear...


    We met up after the show and he gave me his contact info.

    I sent him a demo of my Bass Playing and he called me on my 30th Birthday and said "Dave...it's Hiram....the Tape sounds Great...You Can Play!!!"

    Most people just blow you off and never even check out your tape or give you any encouragement...

    "Hiram Did!!!"

    Nobody plays, sings, and yes...Danced like Hiram.

    I miss him being with us in this life!

    God Bless You Hiram!


    Dave Lowrey

    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/drbassface/blog/421056388#ixzz133qHI6hx

  • M.E.L.

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    created memory in Hiram Bullock

    I remember Hiram as a big part of the NY fusion (I hate the word, too) guitar scene of the early '80's and when he would drop in at the UM campus in Miami. He could plug-in to a P-O-S set up and make it sound phenomenal. The man personified music. Loved to watch him play.

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