28-10-1939 03-08-2008

Alexandra 'Sandy' McKenzie McNeill Schulz

Alexandra 'Sandy' McKenzie McNeill Schulz

28-10-1939 03-08-2008


In the small hours of August 3rd, 2008, Sandy McNeill Schulz passed away after a long struggle with Parkinson's Disease. Sandy was born and raised ...

In the small hours of August 3rd, 2008, Sandy McNeill Schulz passed away after a long struggle with Parkinson's Disease. Sandy was born and raised in Edmonton and had lived in Vancouver for most of her adult life. Sandy will be missed.

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    I only just learned of Sandy's death. I am very sorry to learn she has gone. I too met Leroy and Sandy at the Bristol Old Vic, but much later I came out to Vancouver and stayed with them in their lovely apartment in Tudor Manor. I will always be grateful for their hospitality, especially since I certainly overstayed my welcome before finally getting a place of my own. Leroy was Best Man at my wedding to Sharon and we stayed friends with Leroy and Sandy throughout the '80s, but have lost touch since moving to Connecticut.

    Sandy was always an ethereal presence, her smile seemingly concealing some secret , contrasting with Leroy's "out there" persona.

    We remember her fondly.

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    I was so sad to hear this news. Rest easy dear Sandy.
    Fondest memories of you and LeRoy at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School during the early Seventies.

    Sandy worked for a time at the Theatre Royal box ofice, while LeRoy and I indulged ourselves with a somewhat sideways appproach to the drama craft.

    My thoughts are with you dear LeRoy. I would love to get in touch again and catch up. I often recall our Cotswold adventures!

    I am now a grandfather, still dabbling in the theatre, and living in Cornwall, with Jenny and four cats, having married for the second time in 2006.

    Unhappily Jane and I divorced back in 1994.

    Love and laughter old friend...

    Rob Pheby

  • I knew Sandy and LeRoy for many years-I was their GP. There was always the calm contrast between pleasant, quiet Sandy and the somwhat more volatile LeRoy. I am so sorry to hear of Sandy's death, not knowing she was so sick as I last saw them 10 years ago. My best wishes to LeRoy and the family.

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    I was saddened to hear of sanyds passing .I enjoyed our many conversations over the years She was a gracoius bright fun person in 1981 when i first met alexandra and leroy before her parkinson set in. I will miss you alexandra.Rest in peace

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Toni and Joe
    Joseph Prodor (White Rock, BC)

  • I first met LeRoy and Sandy when I moved into Tudor Manor in 1986. We became fast friends. Sandy and my sister went to school together in Edmonton, and she also extends her condolences. I will always remember Sandy's warm smile and great empathy and compassion.

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    When Sandy was born everyone thought she was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen.
    She was absolutely gorgeous and adorable. We still have the home movies to prove it and they can be viewed on the family history site.
    Sandy was never comfortable with people complimenting her on her beauty.

    Sandy's beauty was obvious.
    Her stubborn side was not.
    On her first day of Kindergarten at Glenora School, Sandy announced that she was never going to go to school.
    One of her little classmates came to walk Sandy to school daily, but Sandy stayed home!
    After about a week, our mother Violet phoned the doctor and asked for advice. Sandy was adamant. The doctor siad the more they implored her to attend school, the more she would dig her heels in.
    Then one day in December, Sandy announced at the breakfast table that she thought she would go school today ................
    and that was that!

    Sandy's favorite books were the Bobbsey Twins. Every evening at bedtime, her older sister which was me, would read her the stories of Freddie, Flossie, Nan, and Bert.
    I was 10 years older than Sandy and did not find the Bobbsey Twins that interesting. The series went on and on. There were over 70 books in all.
    Sometimes I would try to speed things up by skipping a bit, but Sandy always caught me.
    "You missed a bit. Go back!", Sandy would say. Even if I skipped a single sentence, Sandy always seemed to know and make me go back and read it.

    Sandy and her friend Anne chaperoned me and my husband-to-be Bill Abercrombie to Jasper one summer. I remember we camped out in brand new green tents purchased especially for this trip. The next morning, four green people emerged from the tents. The green dye came off all over us. What a mess.
    Another time on the same trip, the four of us had to sleep in our sleeping bags on the floor of the kitchen of a resort that had
    'NO Vacancy'.
    We had to vacate the premises very early the next morning, so breakfast could be prepared for the paying guests.

    These are just a few of my precious memories of my sister Sandy.

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    From highschool days, when we first met, Sandy and I shared family vacations, life together in Paris and Montreal, maid-of-honour roles at each other's weddings and, always, as our lives went their separate ways we kept in touch. Sandy was beloved by her friends because she was, herself, a true and loving friend, with a sense of humour which always revelled in life's absurdities. I willl miss her. My heart goes out to Lee, who will deeply feel her loss.

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    Knowing Sandy from Glenora School, Westglen, London and Paris, and being part of the wedding party of Sandy and Lee, I am more than saddened at learning of her death. My love and sympathy go to her sister, and to her husband, my old friend, Lee.

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    Twenty years ago, Sandy and I decided to treat ourselves to a B.C.A.A.-escorted trip to Hong Kong. Sandy was keen to take an unexpected opportunity to travel to the mainland of China, desination Canton (now called Guangzhou). At our lunch stop for a delicious taste of Peking Duck, our hostess greeted us proudly wearing a monkey fur cape. Returning to Hong Kong by train, the windows on our coach sported dainty lace curtains.

    Sandy was also eager to spend some time at the Aberdeen Mall in Hong Kong to do some Christmas shopping. Later in the afternoon we had a Holiday drink at the elegant Peninsula Hotel, which was tastefully decorated for Christmas.

    Sandy and I agreed we had a wonderful week exploring a little of the Orient.

    Jeanie (McNeill) Betts

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