Maak een tribuut

Vul alle velden in om een tribuut aan te maken

Een geliefde verliezen is zwaar. Om u te helpen en de herinnering vast te houden, kunt u een tribute maken. Een online plek om uw geliefde te eren.

General sponsoring

A tribute is free. It comes with a commercial banner though. If you prefer to keep your tribute free of commercial banners, you can sponsor it. This is how we can provide you our service to keep the memories forever alive.

Rates for sponsoring

Everybody can sponsor a tribute. Your name and period will be mentioned as the sponsor. You can also see till when a tribute has been sponsored already. If you no longer wish to sponsor the tribute, this tribute remains accessible and will be treated as a tribute with no current sponsoring. Nothing will be lost or removed in functionality for this reason. The only difference is a commercial banner on the page. It is also possible to share the sponsoring with family and friends. You can also decide for the sponsoring period you prefer.

  • Monthly sponsoring 4.95 $
  • 1 jaar sponsoring 29.95 $
  • 5 jaar sponsoring 99.00 $
  • 10 jaar sponsoring 149.00 $
  • Eeuwige sponsoring 249.00 $

If you have questions contact us. We're here for you.