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    Hey bubby. I can't believe 6 years has passed since u went to be with our Lord...Not one day passes that your not on my mind....I always think of you doing the silly things you did...like when u got out of the car at a drive thru and started dancing....and the special moments like when we would sit on the steps at my apartment on golf course and we would look at our bunny tree!!! When I go that way to Scottsdale I drive by and try to see our tree...I miss u so much my baby brother...there is NO one that is like u....you were so very special...I'm so sorry bubby...that I couldn't of helped you...I didn't know....I will continue to see you smiling with the wind blowing. I love you my punk...I will always be your jigaboo. And like I always told you..... I love you..." No Matter What" .... Love your sister Danyel.

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