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    created memory in Miyuki Kanbe

    Worry not for us anymore Miyuki love. Your work here in this world is over at last, and you have gone home to the Father above. I pray one sweet day in heaven, we shall meet at last. I would have loved to have known you person to person in this life, but such was not to be. If giving my life up would have saved yours, I would have done it. All at once, without a second thought and without anyone needing to ask it of me. I would have sacrificed my life for yours. Compared to an innocent like you, I feel I am expendable. To all who read these words: I encourage everyone to become organ donors, as I have done. Be ready to give life when ours is over. Let us not forget Miyuki-sama, or those who suffer as she had.

    Mr. Shayne T. Pendrick
    Lake Desolation Fire Company
    Lake Desolation, New York

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