• Martin

    created memory in Kent Henry Plischke

    I knew Kent throughout the seventies. Lived next door to him. He was at our house a lot and was part of our family. He taught me bass lessons and worked with my first 2 bands. He video taped my sister's wedding. I remember his son West being born. I remember his injuries after falling backwards from the stage at the Whiskey A Go Go. Kent gave me life lessons and advice from the heart that shaped my then young life. He truly was humble and gave his all. He would would share his failures with me so I could learn from them. I see him now as a human being that he was, the wounds he carried with him as well as the victories and failures. Above all, a very noble, sensitive and compassionate man who always wanted others to do better than himself.
    Thank you Kent for the gifts you put into my life.

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