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    created memory in Jean Christine Donaldson-Spears

    created memory in Jean Christine Donaldson-Spears

    The very first time I met JC , I knew she was going to be my friend. We just hit it off. We liked doing the same things, sewing, decorating and shopping etc. s She was such a loving, caring and helpful christian person. My family and her family just adopted each other. To George and I she was our sister, JC. We had lots of fun, she did the Thanksgiving Dinners and I had Christmas Eve Dinners with our families, and some times we would just have dinner together. I will always remember my dear friend JC. I know she has a place in heaven. I can guess she is using her beautiful voice singing in heaven's gospel choir or perhaps sewing the hem of a garment. Farewell to my dear friend , I loved you. I will forever remember the times you were in our lives.
    Eva Reid


    Report 05-09-2008

    Mrs. Eva and Mr. George, Thank you so much for th e love and support you have shown us children through this time. You will forever be apart of our family. Love Deborah , Leona and Chuck

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