Bob Uttenreuther
Date of birth: 09-06-1955
Date of death: 20-11-2011

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    2 years, 6 months
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther

    There were no words we needed to say,
    when the angels took your hand that day.
    I can imagine the delight in your eyes,
    when the lord was standing by your side.

    From a little girl I always knew,
    There was something so special inside of you.
    I’ve always known to take the time,
    To hold your hand cause you were mine.

    I grew up being so proud of you,
    It was amazing all the things you do.
    Your family loves you endlessly,
    Your laugh we miss it immensely.

    There are people here you have not met,
    Part of me knows they are heaven sent.
    They fill a place where you use to stand,
    Our photo’s now with a little hand.

    Your son you’d be so proud of him,
    He picked up the pieces to help us live again.
    your wife she holds a big part to,
    Through us she sees glimpses of you.

    This father’s day I am happy for you,
    You’re with your dad and our father too.
    Until our eyes can meet again,
    Please watch over us as this journey begins.

    Loving and missing him everyday
    All my love,

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  • 2 years, 12 months
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther

    Some thoughts of you and I on your Birthday

    - Laying on the couch watching cartoons.
    I mean come one how many dads really do that?? YOU!

    - When you make me big breakfast's on the weekends when I am home. MMMHHMMM I really love that :)

    - When you would take me to the races when I was a little girl. I remember it being so loud, but I didn't care I just loved being with you!

    - You would walk me to my friends house and I would have rather walked you all the way back home because I didn't want anything to happen to you. (you would never let me walk you back)

    - You bought me my very first car the gallant, and I loved it so much! After it blew up you bought me a brand new ZX2 which I loved even more. You are the best! Thank you for loving me so much...or should I say spoiling me? :)

    -It was my birthday and we were just leaving gymnastics I believe. A guy had some dogs and you looked at me and want one? I was so excited I said yes of course! We chose the loudest one, and for the very first time MY dog stole your heart, but little did we know it wouldn't be the last dog to do so.

    - When I was in college I wanted a dog...and of course you got me one, and I love her sooo much! After a while you took her in as your own...just like you always do with people's pets...and once again MY dog stole your heart hehe :) you gotta love Ray!!!

    - You payed for my cheer leading addiction which was so expensive. But you and mom were always there to support me!

    - When I was little I remember you would take me to you friends house and we go have a late night swim. It was honestly times like these were I became daddy's little girl.

    Dad, you have always given me the opportunity to have the best in life. Without your love, support, and hard work I would have none of these things. You are such an inspiration to those around you. There is something about your warm heart and compassion for others that draws people into you. From the time I was a baby and now a grown woman, I have loved every second of being daddy's little girl. I truly love you with all my heart. I am sorry I can't be their on your Birthday, but know you have been in my thoughts all day.

    Happy Birthday Daddy!
    I love you!

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  • 3 years
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    It is impossible to describe what you meant to me and my family. You were my godfather, my dad's best friend, an "Uncle" to me and my siblings. We shared a town home with your family back in the day and the memories I have growing up with your children are priceless. It's a very rare treasure to have a friendship like you and Laura did with my parents for 30+ years. And it's amazing to see that friendship has been passed on through R.J. and Lindsey with me, Chris, and Clare, and how much we all love each other. Though we aren't blood, you are family to us. Camping, holidays, family gatherings, birthday's, weddings, every special event, you were there. The void in the hearts of your wife and children can never be replaced. But God promises to comfort, and heal, protect, and give peace. He is our hope. It is evident you have touched many lives... and in the midst of grief we are thankful that we can trust in the sovereignty of our God. Thank you for loving me like a daughter. We will meet again!

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  • 3 years
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther

    “Eulogy for God’s Mechanic”
    By Dr. Bob Stouffer, Superintendent, Des Moines Christian School
    Monday, November 28, 2011

    Cheryl and I greatly enjoyed the services of and relationship with a unique mechanic. Just last week, he had repaired our Blazer, one of dozens of jobs he had completed for us over the years. We picked up the vehicle a week ago Sunday. We found out the next day that he had also died on that Sunday. From my standpoint as a 53-year-old, he was so young at 56 years of age. We hadn’t even paid him for his always-excellent service. News of the sudden death shocked us and several others who had always done business with our mechanic.

    Early when we moved to Des Moines, we asked around to find a dependable, trustworthy mechanic for our forever-limping fleet of used vehicles. So we started taking our problems to this man. He was more than a mechanic to us, though.

    He became our friend. Any drop-off or pick-up resulted in a spirited conversation. I walked away from every interaction with a smile on my face and joy from our friendship, even though it always cost me hundreds of dollars. Cheaper than therapy, I guess.

    The funeral service honoring the memory of this man’s life on the Saturday after Thanksgiving was awesome. Valley Church Senior Pastor and DMCS Parent Quintin Stieff did a marvelous job of officiating the memorial service. Quintin’s eulogy and the family’s shared memories were heartfelt tear-jerkers. The Gospel message was heard loud-and-clear. Our friend the mechanic definitely would have wanted this celebration of his life to be that way. The mechanic’s daughter sang a hauntingly beautiful song in his memory. The mechanic had been a member of the Valley Church choir, and, fittingly, they sang, “We Will Rise!”

    The service ended so appropriately with the mechanic singing a recorded solo of “Unchain My Heart” with his Garage Band, a group which practiced in his garages and performed well at community gatherings. Of course, the man’s voice brought smiles and tears, but mostly a lasting memory of his positive influence on us all.

    Cheryl asked, “What should I write on the sympathy card?” I said, “The world has lost a great man and a great mechanic.”

    Why have I withheld the name of this man, our mechanic, for so long. Because I want you to remember his name here at the end of this written piece, a name which I only (embarrassingly) learned to pronounce correctly at the funeral service:

    Bob Uttenreuther.

    Bob loved life. Bob loved his wife. Bob loved his children. Bob loved his friends. Bob loved the outdoors. Bob loved music. Bob loved his work. Most importantly, Bob loved Christ, and he is now in the presence of his Savior. Pastor Stieff rightly pointed out that Bob exemplified the truth of Ecclesiastes 11:8 (a passage which Quintin preached – not coincidentally – on the very day of Bob’s death):

    “So if a person lives many years, let him rejoice in them all. . . .”

    By the world’s standards, Bob Uttenreuther did not live “many” years. But he sucked the very marrow of life for all 56 years. He was God’s man. He was God’s mechanic. May we all enjoy every day of our lives. That life comes from God. Our second birth also comes from God. He determines the length of our days. We must make the most of every day – for God’s glory. May we rejoice in them all.

    I praise God that Bob Uttenreuther taught me this truth.


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  • 3 years
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther
    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther

    Cousin Bob was one of the most gracious persons I've ever known. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for someone..I will always remember Bob coming to Chicago to family gathering where he and I would always do the cooking. And boy could Bob cook. He had this ability to make sure everything was finished at the same time so we could all eat together. Even though Bob and I didn't see each other as much as we would have liked to, whenever we did, it was as if we saw each other everyday. I drove out to Bob's with a friend so the three of us could go to an Olivia Newton John concert. Bob would never here of staying anywhere but his home and cooking breakfast for all of us the next morning. I'm not sure the reality of Bob's passing has hit me yet. But I'm sure it will very soon. He will be greatly missed. I'm sure he and his father are fishing everyday and I know there will be room for any of us to reunite one day.

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  • 3 years
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    created memory in Bob Uttenreuther

    I have a few memories of Bob. I remember how great of a mechanic he was, always willing to help or look at a problem that he could see right away. I also remember how my transmission went out on my car in Wolcott out by the Iowa 80 truck stop but I called Bob and within a few days he loaded up in his truck with trailer and didn't even have a second thought about coming and getting it and fixing it correctly. He was always busy but it was still nice to be able to go in and visit him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time. I know Bob and my Dad are probably having a blast in heaven getting to know each other.

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