Alfred H. Peet
Date of birth: 10-03-1920
Date of death: 29-08-2007

Alfred H. Peet, the son of a Dutch coffee merchant who pioneered a revolution in roasting exotic dark beans that led to America’s love affair ...

Alfred H. Peet, the son of a Dutch coffee merchant who pioneered a revolution in roasting exotic dark beans that led to America’s love affair with high-end coffee, died Wednesday at his home in Ashland, Ore. He was 87.

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Richard Derks

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  • 3 years
    created memory in Alfred H. Peet
    created memory in Alfred H. Peet

    can anyone ttell me if alfred peet was an artist i have a landscape paining signed "Alfred Peet". If anyone one has any information, please contact me at Thank you.

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    As I sat down with my Peets Coffee to read the Washington Post, I was saddend to learn of the passing of Alfred Peet...a man ahead of his time!
    Here is my story and my deep connection to Peets.
    My beloved brother, Dr. Mark Williams (Rad/Oncologist in Macon, GA) introduced me to the real thing, Petes Coffee in 2000. He would send me deliveries of Peets for any and all occasions. Often if I mentioned I was having an especially bad day; I'd receive a special Peets delivery to my door via the UPS man! I could smell it as I got closer to my front door. Mark began ordering regular deliveries of Peets to his office, home and to anyone he met that enjoyed a good cup of coffee. I even had a Peets Poster mailed from CA to DC...had it framed and sent it to him in Georgia! Sadly on 5/19 of this year I rec'd a call that Mark had been in a terrible bicycling accident. He was riding his bike through Macon and hit a speed bump at a very fast rate of speed, fell and landed on his head. He was not wearing a bike helmet. Mark was declarred clinically brain damaged on 5/23 and died 6/3; 2 days before his 46th birthday. He left 3 children behind and 100's of faithful patients. The town has all mourned his passing along with us. When I called Petes to stop the weekly delivery of the coffee, I rec'd a beautiful note back from the staff at Petes,written to me, expressing their sadness for our loss. Unlike so many other companies that send a standard "we'll remove his name from our mailings". Petes is a cut above the rest. In cleaning out my brother's home I found a gift he had purchased for me and was obviously saving it for my birthday...a personalized Pete's mug with the endearing name he always called me typed on the front. It brings me tears and smiles each day when I look at. I hope Mark and Alfred are together sharing coffee and discussing many of the worlds problems. Between the two of them; I see great things happening for us in the future. My condolences to the staff; you truly lost an awesome man. Please keep his memory and ideas alive...Kim Williams

    Posted by: Kimberly Williams | September 06, 2007 at 03:34 PM

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